“Finding Church” Publishes December 1st! Pre-order Now!

My first published work.  I am super excited to read my story in print.  I am also excited to read all the other stories from the other 35 contributors.

Well, the book will be out just in time for Christmas, and if you are an early shopper, “Finding Church” can be pre-ordered right now at…


The main facilitator, and author, of this wonderful community project is Jeremy Myers who blogs over at Till He Comes.  He is writing posts with a quick snippet of who each author is that told their story about Finding Church.  Check out this post, it features me!  :)

I will be chapter 12 according to the list of authors on the back cover…

This community project will be a collection of stories that explore people’s experiences with leaving, switching, and reforming church.  If you read my blog you know where I fit in this book, but the great thing is regardless of where we all fit in, we are all in Christ.

Here is a summary…

“The church is currently experiencing seismic shifts in how people think of church and get involved with church.  On the one hand, the number of mega churches in existence continues to increase every year.  People are returning to church who have not attended in years, and more often than not, when they return to church, it is to a mega church where they get the best sermons, the best music, and the best programming.  In a culture where excellence is required, mega churches are often seeing substantial increases in size and influence.

But at the same time, millions of people “leave church” every year.  This is not because they are abandoning God, ignoring Scripture, or giving up on Jesus.  While a few do leave for such reasons, the vast majority report that they leave church to better follow Jesus, obey God, and live out their faith in meaningful and relational ways.  They stop attending church to pursue something more intimate and personal.”

I hope everyone grabs a copy of this book.  I am looking forward to reading how others go about “Finding Church”.

2 thoughts on ““Finding Church” Publishes December 1st! Pre-order Now!

  1. Brian,

    Your story in this book is fantastic. I think it will challenge and help everyone who reads it to think more about how they view church and have become dependent upon it…

    Thanks for contributing!

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