Either Way “Government” Wins

The goal of this blog is to get the discussion of anarchy out there by writing in a way everyone understands. Most anarchy discussions use big academic words that many just don’t understand, and dispose of the whole thing by the time they get to the second paragraph of an article. I hope to “dumb down” the subject so I can understand, and all of us can have a discussion without sounding like PhD’s in philosophy.
Let’s start with voting…
Over my younger years I used to vote straight party. Then I moved to voting third parties. Then I was kicked upside the head with some wisdom I gained over my lifetime. The realization that no matter how you vote either for party, for platform, or for lesser of two evils, a person really ends up voting for the hierarchy and coercion “system” that has been put in place. This rigged game underlines the bullshit that “government” is following “the will of the people”.

My allergic reaction to BS hits an all-time high when this subject comes up.

Let me run a quick scenario. Vote for either of these two items…
1. To become a sex slave, or…
2. Become a slave that everyday sews clothes for 12 hours a day for 3 cents an hour

This is the “lesser of two evils” environment we are in now.  However, as a whole, these options are worse than many other alternatives that are out there. The other alternatives do not include these two scenarios. If the group you are involved in voted for either of these, and the majority decided on becoming sex slaves, you have helped choose the option by which you and all others will have to live. Either way you are still voting to be a slave of some sort.
The healthier option would have been to sit back and actually think about what you are doing. I would be asking questions, wondering why in the hell are we being asked to vote on just two crazy ass options.  We can either choose state violence and support capitalism on one side, or we can choose state violence and support capitalism on the other side. Instead of outright discarding either of these wonderful choices, and laughing straight in the face of the people who ask us to make them, we instead vote on what we think is the slightly better choice that will naturally retain the power of forced coercion and violence.
All voting does now is masquerade the violent acts which preceded it, and makes the bad choices we are presented with seem way better than they truly are. The reason we should not vote is because we need to expose the farce that is representative democracy, and point out that we are not bound by the options set by these random people.
I will not vote for any candidate for political office, regardless of party, no matter what promises they make. I do not support them as candidates, and I do not support the political oligarchy machine they represent. No matter who you vote for, the winner is always the “government”. I don’t wish to endorse the system I think is a pile a brown squishy stuff. If I vote I am saying that I believe in voting and that I believe in majority rule. I don’t believe in majority rule as it is applied today in all the political situations in which it is used.

This time around the two evils are likely to be … The War Criminal vs. The Fascist… either way the “government” wins.



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