“Gun” an Adjective?

Let me say first thing… the word “Christian” was never intended to be used as an adjective… so, STOP using it that way!

For the life of me I cannot understand why many people continue to use the word “Christian” in the form of an adjective.

We have “Christian” bookstores, we have “Christian” music, and we have “Christian” businesses.

One of the biggest piles of BS that floats around is the “Christian” business directory.  I just saw our latest and greatest for the Louisville area.  I guess you can advertise in it if you are a “Christian” business owner.

What does that mean?  Should we only do business with so-called “Christian” businesses?  Wow, if that is not divisive, I do not know what is.

It is basically forming an us versus them mentality. The way this could be seen is that if a Jew owns a business, you would not want to buy anything from them because they could rob you blind, or if an atheist makes great doughnuts you could go to hell for eating a cream-filled.  Gimme a break.

I know one reason they use “Christian” as an adjective.  People use it as a marketing tool and to get your attention…  they want you to focus that word to drive home a point.

Well, the main stream media uses the same tactic in many ways, but the one I am hearing a gazillion times a day is the phrase “gun” violence.  How on earth can you use a word that was never intended to be an adjective? …unless you want to basically form an us versus them mentality.  The media is trying to get everyone to focus on the word “gun” and that word only. (and doing an awesome job at it)

The way I see and read things seems to be much different from the norm.  I guess when you are allergic to bullshit like I am that will happen.

With the media jack-hammering the word “gun” into my brain a thousand times a day as an adjective, instead of the noun it is, the media wants me to think that the gun itself did the violence.  A “gun” is a noun, and the gun itself cannot do the violence.  It takes the ACTION of some effed-up-in-the-head person on the other end of a gun or some other NOUN, like a knife or a baseball bat to harm another individual.

But, the media will keep pounding away to get the world to think it is the “guns” in the United States that is the problem and what causes the violence, which paves a nice little political path for congress and the president to do some public relations BS and pass legislation against “gun” violence to give everyone that wonderful sense of security and to boost their political likeability.  However, for us that know that the word “gun” is a friggin noun know better, and all it does is sets up a false sense of security.

My opinion is that most of these shootings are done by 15 to 25-year-old white males, and there have been 31 mass shootings since Columbine in 1999.  You know what the majority of these shootings have in common.  The shooters were effed-up-in-the-head taking some form of medication prescribed for psychosis or ADHD or some other mental issue.  They were on drugs that are used for anti-psychosis, but have been found to have the opposite effect.  It is pretty simple.  It is the effed-up-in-the-head part that is causing the ACTION of killing.

Maybe the media should call the next shooting “Over prescribed and under helped” violence.  Well the media does not want to bring that to our attention because both side of the aisle in Washington get their pockets lined with cash from the pharmaceutical companies, and that is big business.  (Yes I do feel there are people who need medication, but there is a lot of over-prescribing going on too).. they just drug them and leave them, and the true help they need is nowhere to be found.

Ok, I am done ranting now… I just needed to vent.  Writing out my feelings helps me cope with the sadness this latest shooting has brought to my heart.

So let me finish by saying..  the word “gun” was never intended to be used as an adjective … so, STOP using it that way!  Let us focus on helping these kids that are in need of major attention.

2 thoughts on ““Gun” an Adjective?

  1. You have to wonder how many have been killed due to Big Pharma/Columbia University and their TeenScreen psychotropic fraud. All foisted on school systems as a ruse to prevent suicide – by giving children FDA black box warning drugs that make them suicidal/homicidal maniacs.

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