Separation FROM “church” and “state”…

… that is exactly what I want to be separated from.. church, state, and any other man-made piece of BS institution. If looking at the whole bible as a book written to reveal Christ to us, which I feel is the essence of Christianity, then I feel Christians should dig deep and reconsider the relationship […]

I am an “I Don’t Know” Christian

I will take “Doctrinal Differences” for $1000 Alex… … a phrase in referring to the resolution of a conflict (usually a debate or quarrel) in which all parties tolerate but do not accept the opposing position or positions. What is “Agreeing to Disagree” … Correct! This term typically occurs when all sides recognize that further […]

A Movement Is Needed

The way the institutional church body is set up today, everyone wants to be a hand or a foot. What is typically taught throughout many of the local church bodies is that we all need to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Well here is a newsflash… we all can not be just the […]


“church” is changing fast.  It is insane the changes I have witnessed over just the last 10 years. However, the next 10 years could be even more incredible.  If I was employed as a pastor, or a minister in the plethora of paid staff in a church, I would be figuring out how to survive […]

A New Book Coming Out In November

I am excited to read a new publication coming out this November called “Finding Church”. The main facilitator, and author, of this awesome community project is Jeremy Myers who blogs over at Till He Comes.  He is writing posts with a quick snippet of who each author is that told their story about Finding Church.  […]

“Grounds” For Thought

As I sat on my front porch the other night, where I do a lot of my thinking, I was pondering all this hoopla about foods being “organic”.  From what I read, these are foods produced using methods that do not involve modern man-made synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  I was […]

Having Your Noggin Washed

I have been thinking a lot of my past experiences within the institution called church. Have you ever felt like you have been brainwashed? Are there times when you find yourself suddenly craving some McDonald’s fries, or salivating about owning a new 2013 Ford mustang convertible, or that you need to have whiter teeth like […]

Don’t Get Your “Fundies” In A Bunch

Being a Christian is not Fundamentalism, although Fundamentalist Christians will tell you otherwise. One key issue within the institutional church that pushed me away was Fundamentalist thinking. Fundamentalism has many different definitions depending on who you talk to, but for my post I will define it simply as a religion.  When someone inside this religion is […]

Oblivious Addictions

Alcohol and drug addiction are just the tip of the iceberg when you talk about being dependent on something.  Well, there are a whole bunch of other forms of addiction, and many we are oblivious to. Some are body induced, like some of the heavy hitters like alcohol, drugs, and nicotine, and others a lot […]