Outside Living Free

From what you read on my blog, you know I dislike the ways man-made institutions are run (and I know none of them are perfect or will never be perfect).  I emphasize the “church” in my blog because that subject comes from years of experience, but many other institutions are used to gain power in selfish ways too, and then those systems do all they can to maintain that power and rule.  I ponder all the time why some of these institutions even exist. 

So, if you had to guess where I lean politically what would you think?  You get three guesses and the first two do not count J

Yes, I do lean toward Libertarian type thinking.  I am a Christian that is against legislating morality, and trying to use the government as a way to save the world.  I think marijuana should be legalized, and I think marriage of any type should be legal.  Do not get me wrong.  I am not an advocate for gay marriage, and I have never taken an illegal drug in my lifetime (and would still not even if it was legal), but I feel people need to make their own decisions of what is right and what is wrong.  I will help myself and others make that decision by loving them by living in community with them as Jesus has taught us to do.  I am not huge into politics for the same reason I am not huge into institutional religion.  I have a view outside the institutional church where it is sometimes hard to get people to listen and discuss the questions and comments I have.  Seems similar to what third-party candidates must feel. 

Not that my way of thinking is right, I know I feel passionate about certain things being a better route to take, but I am sure all my ways are not the correct ones (but I feel listening to other points of view helps shape my thinking).  If all my views were correct that would make me God, which would be cool because this blog post would already be written in the blink of an eye.  

It seems like unless I am a member and drinking the “Kool-aid” from the pulpit, I am not welcome.  Same goes for the blue and red of politics.  Yes I am welcome to join as long as I keep my mouth shut and follow the doctrinal rules set in front of me.  It is a weird type of loneliness that sets in when a person stays outside the system wandering the spiritual or political wilderness.  I do yearn to be with the people who make up the Body of Christ, and if I have to be a third-party candidate outside the system to participate … so be it.  I know the Body of Christ accepts me, but the system does not.

You know in order to be invited to a Presidential debate a candidate must have a composite average of 15% of popular support from nationally administered polls.  Which polls, I have no flipping clue.  Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate fails to meet that requirement, as do many others running for to be prez.  One problem with the requirement of “popular support” is that most national polling companies do not even include Gary Johnson’s or other candidates as a choice in their polls.  If you are not included in a poll as a choice, then how in the world can a candidate receive any show of public support, let alone 15%?  For now, Johnson, and others will have to wait for that invitation to the join the debates. 

In the meantime, the two-man show continues on while other opinions and debates are left out. 

Man, do I know how it feels to have other opinions and debates left out.  The system sets the rules, and keeps the power, keeping the outsiders like me from scrambling things up.

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