A New Book Arriving Fall of 2014

Announcement For A Book Called “What We’re For”

I have been quiet here on the blog since October of last year, so I needed to post something to start the new year.

Well, I got the awesome call from Eric Carpenter that he was looking for authors to contribute to his book new book project.  I was honored he thought of me.

You can click and go to Eric’s page: A Pilgrim’s Progress: The Big News: “What We’re For”, and you will see the full list of the contributors and links to their stuff.

The chapter I am writing about has to do with church being seen as a people and not an institution (go figure, right?).  I picked that chapter because it fit what my entire blog is about.  I know I can be blunt (and a bit harsh sometimes) about how I see the man-made organization, but the intent of this book is to focus on the positives rather than the negatives of what church really is… the people.

I hope you get a copy of this book when it comes out.  The authors for each chapter of this book are so diverse, and I am looking forward to reading all the positives they bring to the Body of Christ.



6 thoughts on “A New Book Arriving Fall of 2014

  1. Let me know when it publishes….looking forward to it as with the last. BTW, some of the contributors are ones from the first book, right?

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