Time to switch gears and bring back the blog, but this time through the lens of an anarchist… me.

The more I wonder through the post-institutional wilderness the more bullshit I see and smell… and sometimes step in.






My name is Brian Swan, but people call me Swanny.

I am a Christ follower that is walking in a post-institutional wilderness.  Married, 2 wonderful kids and an amazing wife.  Just learning about Christ from others each and every day.

After years of struggle, I have finally been diagnosed…  I am allergic to bullshit.

This blog is my attempt to relate to others that have the same affliction.

What is the affliction?  Being absolutely appalled with the system of church, and the actions and behavior that goes on within.

It is the system…

It is the rituals…

It is the way it is boxed up…

all of it makes me want to puke.

Let us find something to ease our allergic reactions together…  lets talk.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Ant – Thanks for the kudos. I love people, it is the systems we create that drive me bonkers. looking forward to hearing what you think.

    1. Bonar – You trying to get me to take my allergy medicine 🙂

      They just left their secular jobs. They are still part of the Church as far I can see.


  2. Dear Swanny,

    I just found this blog through a friend’s quoting of it. Having digested many of your articles in the last hour or so, I found much to agree with, whole-heartedly so. I gather that, having abandoned the Ichabod edifice of your former mega-church, you have ceased to meet regularly with any other gathering of believers. In this you and I, for reasons which could not be more dissimilar, are alike, as I too am, as they say, “Between Churches.”
    My reading of your work has raised some significant questions for me, however. I have seen that you are Against many things practised in today’s evangelical churches. What are you For? To sum up in one question, If a truly authentic Christian church existed in North America, what would it look like?

    Brother, I am an organ without a body, at present. My heart yearns continually for the fellowship which I have known and no longer enjoy. What of you?

    1. Dan – Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to read my posts. As you can tell, I am against a lot of what the “system” of church has become over time. Any type of denominational structure is just a man-made opinion of what they think the structure should be… and this type of thinking will fail.

      Let me try to clarify a bit.

      As you say, you are “between churches”. Well, I am actually not “between churches”. I do not think followers of Christ can be “between churches” at all. You are either a part of Him, or you are not. His followers are all part of His Body, the ONE true Church. I left the “institutional” church, and will never return to that type of environment as a member of any local congregation. This does not mean I cannot be with the people that attend these churches. Many of them are part of the Body of Christ even inside the man-made institutional walls.

      One true authentic Church does exist in North America, as well as the rest of the World. I have no way of describing what God created as His Church, it is way bigger and more awesome than I could ever imagine. However, if His followers come together in community to love one another, then I feel people will actually see what the Church look’s like … they will see Christ!

      Did I confuse you even more?

      Take care brother!

  3. Between churches indeed. I had hoped you might appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humour of that popular evangelical cliche. Your reply served much to clarify my understanding of your position. It was obvious that your dissatisfaction with the current state of Christianity was based not on some pragmatic feeling that it “didn’t work,” but on its falling short of an exterior ideal. For purposes of context, I wished to understand more fully the nature of that ideal. Thank you.

  4. First time visit to this site. Love it. And I mean I love it!
    ‘We are of a kind…’ – we are speaking the same language but just saying it with different words, and man, I love your candor. You do not circumnavigate the universe to say what you want to say, like politicians and many religious leaders. Your illustrations grab my attention immediately- this is how Paul would got his point across in Athens. He made reference to that culture’s/generation’s poets and thinkers.

    Bang on! May God bless you with even greater insights !

    Very much wanting to take my place in the ekklesia family when I get straightened out enough, and I can find like-minded disciples of Christ; not the usual crowd that followed Him looking for a free meal or a healing.

    Really looking forward to learning and exchanging ideas as regards your current and future posts.

    merci beaucoup ! (thanks).

    1. Marc, Thanks for the kudos, and welcome. How did you find my ramblings? Do you have a blog to read?

      I am definitely not part of the usual crowd, but I do know I am invited to the banquet with all the other people that are not straightened out either (but they do love each other like Christ)

      Take care!


  5. Swanny,

    Found your site thru ‘Honor God’s Word’ site, also via ‘Till He Comes’, this very morning!
    Just knew I had stumbled (God’s leading) on to something of great worth.

    Do not have a blog- would appreciate any assistance in creating one. My generation (1950’s) is not used to these things- only discovered they exist, about 2 years ago. More of an email guy, but am willing to learn. Blogging sounds so invigorating and challenging, at least to me. Connection to some Body parts which I do need.
    The desert is a lonely place…
    thanks for the follow-up,
    take care,

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