I am an “I Don’t Know” Christian

I will take “Doctrinal Differences” for $1000 Alex… … a phrase in referring to the resolution of a conflict (usually a debate or quarrel) in which all parties tolerate but do not accept the opposing position or positions. What is “Agreeing to Disagree” … Correct! This term typically occurs when all sides recognize that further […]

Scrap “Small Groups”

I am just going to say it… Small groups and small group ministries within church organizations need to be terminated.  Yes, I said it… nixed, annihilated. They simply do not work. Small groups create disciples as much as working at McDonald’s creates quality 5-star chefs.  Small groups do not create disciples; disciples create disciples.  And […]

Having Your Noggin Washed

I have been thinking a lot of my past experiences within the institution called church. Have you ever felt like you have been brainwashed? Are there times when you find yourself suddenly craving some McDonald’s fries, or salivating about owning a new 2013 Ford mustang convertible, or that you need to have whiter teeth like […]

As William Wallace Once Said… FREEDOM!!!!!!!

Fourth of July, Freedom.  Let’s Celebrate! Chewing on what freedom means yesterday, as we celebrated our independence, gots me to thinking about my family’s life outside the institutional church system, and how being free from it is so wonderful (because now I can see Christ much clearer now). In conjunction with the 4th, here are […]

My Two Cents – Blue Like Jazz

Opening night in Louisville for Blue Like Jazz (7:10 show) was sparse with spectators.  I would estimate about 30 people in the theater.  For prime time opening night I was expecting a few more patrons than that.  However, I live in an area where it is hard to find people who challenge the “church” system […]

A Trouble Maker?

After reading my previous post, Bonar (over at Rogue Christianity) called me a trouble maker. (I am sure he was being facetious, right Bonar?). That term made a light bulb go off above my head.  It gave me the topic for my next blog post. So far I have been called a heretic, an asshole, […]

Just Not Understanding…

Did you know Jesus is actively involved in sporting events and helping players score points.  I guess He is in the game of choosing sides, or at least the ones where He has bet on a spread and needs the points … 🙂 I guess I have a problem with showing faith in sports the […]

GUILT… It’s What’s For Church

Ever since I was young tyke going to various churches, I heard a phrase that was crammed so far into my skull that I believed it to be absolute truth as if it was carved right into a third tablet.  Even into my adult years I would still feel the pressure from this guilt-inducing saying.  I would […]


People love to make lists, read lists, and list lists.  I think humans feel nothing more satisfying than listing and categorizing things.  Well, a topic that came to mind as I was writing my two previous blog posts, and as I reminisced about the days spent back inside the institutional church system, was legalism. As for the church “system”, one […]