Anarchy Is Not A Bad Word

There are many enemies of Anarchism. 

Your employer, your local police officer, generally any capitalist will not speak truthfully of Anarchy.  Actually, many of these people know very little about the subject, and many intelligent people have wrong notions about it.

First of all, Anarchy is NOT…

chaos, murder, robbery, disorder, war, barbarianism, car burning, looting, or any other turbulent state of man.

In reality, Anarchy is the complete opposite of what I just listed above.

This post is to get a definition of what I think Anarchy is, and when you see the word written throughout this blog this is what I am saying…

Anarchy means everyone should be free; no one should enslave anybody, boss anybody, steal from anybody, or impose upon anybody.  Everyone should be free to do the things they want to do, and people should not be compelled to do what they don’t want to do.

You should have the kind of life you want to live, and live without anyone interfering.

All people should live in peace and harmony, not in a world of force and coercion.

My eyes are watering, and my nose is running.  My allergies from all the BS is so strong.  Let’s get some allergy relief shall we…


2 thoughts on “Anarchy Is Not A Bad Word

  1. Jesus said that all of the law is summed up in loving God and loving others as yourself. If humanity were capable of doing this, then anarchy would likely be the natural result. It seems that our natural inclination to self-centeredness leads us to continual movement towards totalitarian institutionalism. Then, the human will and desire for freedom breaks out and a period similar to anarchism arises – only to restart the cycle towards institutional bondage. Humans have never proven an ability to handle freedom. We yearn for it. Fight for it. Get it. Abuse it. Lose it. In America, we’re in the abuse and lose it stage. I think you equate anarchy with freedom, and I don’t disagree with that. But do you think there’s a way we’ll break free from the cycle? I may just be cynical and pessimistic, but I think we’re too stupid as a whole to break free from this cycle. In fact, it seems the only way to break free is through martyrdom. Jesus disciples fought the good fight, and were crucified.

    1. I agree with you, as long as we are here on Earth we will continue to live in the cycle you talk about. Maybe I am yearning for the cycle to hurry through this abuse stage and get back to basics for a little while before everyone eff’s it up again. I equate anarchy as freedom from hierarchy and coercion of any form. I am not against structure I am against a structure that for some strange reason gives a person power over another. My rights are mine and I do not think God created others to run my rights for me. Are you being pessimistic? I think so, but in a good way. Everyone looks at pessimism as a bad thing, too much optimism is a bad thing too. There is a balance and sometimes pessimism is good when it is a form of just being real. Thanks for the comments.. always good to hear from you… hope Colorado is treating you well. Take care Bro!

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