Caption Contest To Win A Copy Of The New Book … “Finding Church”

I am 1 of 36 authors that contributed to the book “Finding Church”, which contains personal stories about our attempts to BE the church by following Jesus.

As Jeremy Myers, the editor of this project, posted on his blog…

“Everybody knows that the church is changing (if it isn’t changing, it’s dead). If we try to ignore these changes, we miss out on some of the exciting things God is doing in the church and in our culture.  But Jesus does not call everyone to follow Him in the same way.  Some people follow Jesus by leaving the church, while others follow Jesus by switching churches, and still others follow Jesus by trying to reform their church from within.

Leaving Church
The authors in this book who write about Leaving Church have not abandoned church, but have followed Jesus away from the traditional, institutional church and into alternative forms of being the church in smaller communities, or with their friends and neighbors.

Switching Church
The authors who write about Switching Church sometimes get condemned as “church hoppers” but in reality, they have followed Jesus from one church to another, sensing that He has used them or taught them what He wanted in one location so that they can now go to another fellowship to learn and serve there. If the church is all “one body” they are not really switching churches, but are simply serving with one group before moving on to another.

Reforming Church
The authors who write about Reforming Church tell stories of how they suffered through pain, doubt, and uncertainty in the church they currently attend, but rather than leave church or switch to another church, decided to stay, forgive, and attempt to reform the church from within.

If you have been in church for any length of time, it is likely that you have wanted to leave your church, switch churches, or try to reform your church. The stories in Finding Church will challenge you to see that every person’s path is different. The stories in this book are not written so that you can follow someone else’s path, but to encourage you to find the path in which Jesus has prepared for you. When you do this, you are Finding Church. You “find church” when you find how Jesus wants you to live and serve within the church, as part of His Body.

The book is available on Amazon in print or ebook format.


… I am going to have a caption contest to determine the winner.

I am part of the “Leaving Church” section of this book, so write a caption to the picture I use for my blog…


Please add a comment with your caption by Tuesday December 11th, and a winner will be picked that evening.  (I am going to have my wife pick which one she likes the best).

So get them thinking caps on, and submit a winning entry.

26 thoughts on “Caption Contest To Win A Copy Of The New Book … “Finding Church”

      1. Yay! That’s what I’m counting on because my brain sometimes gets all “geriatric” on me and, besides the adle-brained part, I tend be to either crass or corny. 😉
        (Let’s hope nobody else submits an entry before Tuesday, I don’t think my ego could take it…)

  1. Wife: “Honey, it’s 9 o’clock on Sunday morning and you just drove by the church. Don’t you want to turn around?”
    Husband: “Yes, I do, that is why I am headed in this direction.”

  2. “After finally making the decision to leave St. Pious’s Church of the Reformed Prethodist Congra-piscopal Bapti-costals of God, Larry looked back…and turned into a telephone pole…”

  3. Forgetting what is behind, I press on toward the goal of life in Christ, as in Christ IN me,(versus playing the church game with the rule of having to believe He only shows up in a building a couple times a week…

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