It Is Just Fricken Chicken

The way both sides are acting about this “Chick-fil-a” debacle is the very reason I left the institutional church years ago. 

The focus of all this bullshit is on people’s personal dogma, theology, and ideology.  It is in no way shape or form about the people and the caring and loving of each other as human beings.  I thought Christ was all about loving your neighbor more than yourself, and loving God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength.  If you do that you focus on the people, not the dogma. 

As most know me, I am in no way a “member” of any “Christian” denomination, I do not attend “church” anymore, I am neither a right-winger nor a liberal lefty (actually I steer clear of any politics as much as possible), and I definitely do not waste my time hanging with others who enjoy sitting around slandering any other faction of people.

The thing that gets me about the whole “Chick-fil-a” deal is that those who are always coming up against the Christian majority are doing THE EXACT SAME THING as they always complain about what the so-called “Christian” is doing!  I left the institutional “church” because the underlying human system that runs the religion of Christianity acted exactly the same way both sides are acting now.  There is no loving community being built among this mess just like there was no loving community being built at “church”. 

Seriously people?  Do you hear yourselves? 

You hear things like … “I do not like what that person said!” … “You offended me!” … “I don’t agree with you so get out of town, and I do not even want you in our city!”

Chicago, Boston… wake up!  

Why do people really give a shit why others think a certain way.  Our jobs on this earth is not to ram morality down people’s throats with the use of a bible or any other weapon.  If we would just focus on Christ who IS love, the rest falls into place.  Do not ram Jesus into people skulls, show them the love that Jesus IS.   

So I ask everyone (atheists, liberals, conservatives, gays, whoever) – what happened to equality, opportunity, tolerance and allowing people to just believe whatever they want?

Is this not what both sides preach all the freaking time.  It is a double-standard and if you REALLY felt that way it would go both ways.

Cmon’ people… it is just a business selling chicken.. and damn good chicken too!

2 thoughts on “It Is Just Fricken Chicken

  1. Problem is, both (or all) sides want their version of utopia. And each side’s version of utopia doesn’t include the other side(s). If any “side” should know better, it’s Christians. We’re not living for utopia now. We’re living for Christ to be known. When ugliness increases, the beauty of Christ becomes more apparent. But not when the Body of Christ is becoming just as ugly.

    Damn it! I’m gonna go eat some chicken! Maybe I should wear my “Chicken for Jesus” shirt. You can’t have utopia without chicken!

    1. Shon – You made me hungry for some chicken. I might hit up a yummy place here in town, but of course I need to make sure the restaurant owner in not a muslim first….

      man how stupid does that sound….


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