A Movement Is Needed

The way the institutional church body is set up today, everyone wants to be a hand or a foot.

What is typically taught throughout many of the local church bodies is that we all need to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Well here is a newsflash… we all can not be just the hands and feet, there are many other body parts needed for all of us to function together as Christ.

When you get a whole bunch of people thinking they are all hands and feet, this causes a lot of people to just walk around stroking each other to make each other feel good.  It all becomes a big mass of self-serving BS.

Of course there is the head, or the brain of the body, and that is Christ.  (This body part has been mistaken for the pastor or elder board in many organizations today.. stop it).

However, there are many other body parts that are not so glamorous.  There are the lungs, the knees, the eyebrows, the spine, ect.  Think about all these other parts and how they are also needed to function a living body.

There is one body part that I feel is needed in every gathering of believers.  There needs to be an asshole!

Ever since I left the institutional church, and have brought up many questions about how the church functions, and have asked people to answer the question on why they do the things they do, I have been called this name many times… so I guess it is my high calling.

When a “system” gets full of toxins, there needs to be a way to flush out the “system”.  Well, I am here to help flush out a lot of the bullshit that goes on inside and outside the man-made church system.

To detoxify the body from a lot of toxins, the body needs to drink plenty of water.  The body needs to focus completely on Christ… the Living Water.   A lot of churches are dehydrated in the area of Jesus.. like a H20 deficit disorder.  They mention Him by name, but He is nowhere to be found.

The body also needs to rest.  Stop smothering the body with various programs, which makes for busyness.  Slow the heck down already so people can actually see each other.

Also, the body needs exercise.  Get outside the comfort zones and get the heart rate up.  Quit being a passive audience sitting in a pew or chair watching a rock concert.

There needs to be a huge movement in the institutional church today.. a big ole’ bowel movement, and I am the asshole to help do it.

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