Either Way “Government” Wins

The goal of this blog is to get the discussion of anarchy out there by writing in a way everyone understands. Most anarchy discussions use big academic words that many just don’t understand, and dispose of the whole thing by the time they get to the second paragraph of an article. I hope to “dumb […]

Anarchy Is Not A Bad Word

There are many enemies of Anarchism.  Your employer, your local police officer, generally any capitalist will not speak truthfully of Anarchy.  Actually, many of these people know very little about the subject, and many intelligent people have wrong notions about it. First of all, Anarchy is NOT… chaos, murder, robbery, disorder, war, barbarianism, car burning, […]

Review: “The Christians”

This was my first Lucas Hnath play at Actors Theater in Louisville, KY.  I enjoyed his unique writing that left me leaving the auditorium with more questions than answers about belief and faith.  The best part is that Lucas did not show his cards and did not force his opinion among the masses.  He did the […]

“Yoga” To Be Kidding Me…

College newspapers are not totally worthless. They are where young journalists go to learn… and espouse hatred. This was an opinion piece from a well-known “Christian” college… ____ Rethink yoga March 13, 2014 Deborah Raiees-Dana We are cultural beings. We learn what is acceptable from those around us, and that becomes our unconscious reality. When […]

The Pleasure Business

Pornographers don’t sell pornography; they provide orgasms. I know the institutional church thinks pornography is a sin, but they sure do like their business practices.  No, institutional churches are not selling pornography, but they do provide orgasms of a different more mental form. As I started to question why I was doing what I was […]

A New Book Arriving Fall of 2014

Announcement For A Book Called “What We’re For” I have been quiet here on the blog since October of last year, so I needed to post something to start the new year. Well, I got the awesome call from Eric Carpenter that he was looking for authors to contribute to his book new book project.  […]

Threats Everywhere

Besides the government, and the capitalistic society we live in, another great threat to the United States of America (and of course you can add the rest of world to the list) is the advocating of a right-wing ideology. I am writing this post as a word of warning from what I saw and learned […]

Born Again By Leaving “church”

Most professing Christians believe that being “born again” occurs in this life upon “receiving Jesus.” Well to me I think that teaching I heard for years, getting pounded into my cranium, is hogwash. It was not until I read and discussed my readings about this subject that it started to become less foggy.  My findings […]

Separation FROM “church” and “state”…

… that is exactly what I want to be separated from.. church, state, and any other man-made piece of BS institution. If looking at the whole bible as a book written to reveal Christ to us, which I feel is the essence of Christianity, then I feel Christians should dig deep and reconsider the relationship […]