I Just Had To Vent …

I experience pulpit freedom every Sunday by not attending a traditional institutional church service.  I am free of pulpits, and all the other unbiblical nonsense man has created to serve themselves.

Wow, this subject is one of the main reasons I dumped the corrupt system called “church” today.

This Sunday is called “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” where pastors are enticed to openly endorse a presidential candidate from their church pulpit during a Sunday morning worship service.

Well, this has to be the most idiotic, ridiculous piece of horse shit I have heard in months. 

There is so much I dislike with this so-called movement I do not even know where to begin.  It makes my so livid I cannot even see straight.  I will not go through all the details of why I think this is absolute crap, but I will touch on the main thing that makes me want to puke, and to where I need to pray for extreme patience.  The main issue that bothers me so much is that this is so far away from what it means to be the Church it makes me feel like there is no hope for the Body of Christ.

I know that is not true, there is hope in Christ, but when I read all this BS about the IRS, taxes, and churches acting like political action committees, I just weep inside and it hurts a lot.

What will this do to change the world?  Nothing!  It just separates people.  It pisses people off.  It promotes an “us” versus “them” mentality.

Hey churchgoers that like this idea … Y’all need to pull your head out of your butt so you can see Jesus.  A movement like this is in complete opposite from what Jesus teaches.

The world can not be saved by legislating morality or promoting politics.

Just had to vent …  Thanks, now I feel better.

12 thoughts on “I Just Had To Vent …

  1. I have to agree with you on this one; anyone who does that is…not doing things right.

    OTOH, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of it. Is it a new thing? I mean, I’ve heard of preachers endorsing and condemning politicians (either subtly or outright), but I’ve never heard of an official Sunday where this was a thing.

      1. One would think!

        Sometimes, I think folks go into “ministry” not because they genuinely feel led there by God, but because they like the idea of hearing themselves talk. :/

      2. Liz – I think a lot of them have great intentions and I am sure their motives are in the right place, but once you get in the system it starts to dictate what and how you do things. Sounds a lot like our political system. People want to get in to help others and the next thing you know they are in things for self-serving reasons. The man-made machines are very powerful!!

        Take care.

  2. The motive behind this “event” is similar to the Scope’s Trial. The hope is that some preacher will be accused of the crime of preaching politics from the pulpit so that it can be challenged in court and settle the issue of “separate of church and state” once and for all.
    “Horse shit” doesn’t even cover it…

    1. genoise – Yeah, there are a lot of similarities. Not good. Hope all is well, and I was happy to hear you had time with your son!

      Have a great weekend.

      1. Thanks! He is home for a little over a week. Our daughter and her hubby came to visit today and we had the whole fam around the table! It was awesome! 🙂

  3. Are there any specific rules for this thing…like are you limited to endorsing pro-aborter #1 or pro-aborter #2 to choose us a king like the heathen have?

    Would teaching Gideon (the Lord shall rule over you – not me or my sons) and Jotham (seek the shade of the bramble) be frowned upon?

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