A Cliché-Free Church

You know everything happens for a reason, right?

People are dying in tragic events everyday and are moving on to a better place.  So if you died, do you know where you would go?

Well since you are not dead, let me share my faith with you and then maybe you can come to church with me this Sunday.

Oh by the way, how about that nasty tornado in Oklahoma.  That is a definite sign of the end times, huh?

A good thing is that the people in Oklahoma will be fine because the bible clearly says that the Lord never gives anyone more than they can handle.  And since America was founded as a Christian nation, and if the bible says it… people believe it… so it must be true.

There must have been a lot of sin in that town because sin is an abomination in the eyes of God.  That is why I love the sinner and hate the sin and focus on Christianity being the only way to God.  Focusing on Christianity helps, and will help those that help themselves.

So I am thinking that perhaps God is causing a lot of this destruction to get people’s attention.  That is God’s way of telling you it is time for something to change.  I wish I had enough faith to not have bad things happen to me.

I need to stop putting God in a box.

I need to be a good, God-fearing Christian because I know God is in control.


So… can you count how many clichés I used that I hear Christians spout off constantly (like a fire-hose) whenever tragedy strikes someone?

These clichés need to be stricken from our vocabulary.  They are complete BS and actually hurt more than they heal.

It sounds rather asinine and ridiculous… so I have an idea!!  Let’s live as a cliché-free Church.

In this new church I just established, there is only one doctrinal statement.  If someone says a cliché… punch them right in the mouth.

12 thoughts on “A Cliché-Free Church

  1. Swanny, this post really spoke to my heart. You brought it! I feel like God is really using you to open the eyes and hearts of so many people around the world.

    Oops…. cliché, cliché, cliché.

  2. Calling something a cliche is a cliche. So when I meet you for the first time, I’m going to have to punch you in the mouth! 🙂

  3. I am telling you this in love and I am preacing to myself as much as I am you When cliche and doctrine are forever entangled in people’s minds it makes a Lukewarm mush.

    A full sentence when the preaching is about to get real?

    And now for something completely different:
    I am walking down your street knocking on your door.

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