And The Caption Contest Winner Is …

The winner of a free copy of “Finding Church” goes to Eric Carpenter over at A Pilgrim’s Progress


“That organic stuff to the left of the mirror looks way better than the institutional stuff in the mirror!”

Thanks to everyone who participated.  And if I could participate, my caption would have been..  “Finally, the church is out of my blind spot!”

Eric, I would love to know what you think of the book after you read it, and especially my chapter 🙂

The book is still available, and people can grab a copy of the book over at Amazon.



6 thoughts on “And The Caption Contest Winner Is …

  1. Please remove my copyrighted image from your blog and any other places where you may be using it. I designed this image for my own personal twitter account and my blog ( in August 2007; and while I am flattered that you obviously like the image, even to the point of running a “caption contest” about it, I am quite saddened to find it being used in such a blatantly illegal way. Thank you.

    1. churchless.. I am really sorry. I pulled this picture years ago off of google images and had no clue it was copyrighted. I will remove immediately.

      1. Thanks. The best approach is to assume EVERY image is copyrighted, unless you find information with the image that explicitly declares otherwise. You cannot legally “grab” an image and use it as your own just because it’s on the internet. Many people do it, but it’s still illegal to do so.

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