“Gun” an Adjective?

Let me say first thing… the word “Christian” was never intended to be used as an adjective… so, STOP using it that way! For the life of me I cannot understand why many people continue to use the word “Christian” in the form of an adjective. We have “Christian” bookstores, we have “Christian” music, and we […]

I Prostituted Myself

Just finished reading a post called “She’s a Slut” over at a blog called Following Jesus Sucks.  Do not let the title of this blog fool you, Shon has some powerful posts to ponder.  He is real, and honest, and raw just like life.  He will tell you how it is, and I like that! […]

A Trouble Maker?

After reading my previous post, Bonar (over at Rogue Christianity) called me a trouble maker. (I am sure he was being facetious, right Bonar?). That term made a light bulb go off above my head.  It gave me the topic for my next blog post. So far I have been called a heretic, an asshole, […]

Jesus Is Not “My” Bearded Girlfriend

Another BS allergic reaction I started to get after many years of singing to a worship minister every Sunday was how crazy the lyrics are in these songs that were pounded into my capillaries every week.  The song selections were so unbalanced, and some just flat-out weird. This drove me absolutely bonkers, I got to […]

Head Games

Something is bugging me.  I tend to question a lot of what the man-made institutional church pounded into my skull since childhood.  As I wander the post-institutional wilderness, my heart is telling me something different when it comes to the subject of scripture memorization.  I feel that it is not a command or rule like it is typically […]

A Zombie Awakened

Followers of this blog know that it is partly my own rant about the destructive nature of institutional churches corrupted by money-power politics, and partly my own quest to see the true church rise up in the love of God and live up to her potential as the bride of Christ.  If you’re following this […]

Body Parts

One of my favorite hobbies living inside the institutional church bubble was choosing to be offended by others not like me.  It was like a flippin’ obligation.  Yes, being offended was the “right” thing to do.  How else are you to show how spiritual you are unless you flip out and have a cow on every […]

Out-Reaching In

It is Saturday morning in the Swan household, so guess what we are doing?  We are in front of the computer working the monthly budget.  For the past decade or so, every week (unless we are not home that weekend) my wife and I sit down and input our purchases and balance our monthly budget.  […]