Either Way “Government” Wins

The goal of this blog is to get the discussion of anarchy out there by writing in a way everyone understands. Most anarchy discussions use big academic words that many just don’t understand, and dispose of the whole thing by the time they get to the second paragraph of an article. I hope to “dumb […]

Anarchy Is Not A Bad Word

There are many enemies of Anarchism.  Your employer, your local police officer, generally any capitalist will not speak truthfully of Anarchy.  Actually, many of these people know very little about the subject, and many intelligent people have wrong notions about it. First of all, Anarchy is NOT… chaos, murder, robbery, disorder, war, barbarianism, car burning, […]

“Gun” an Adjective?

Let me say first thing… the word “Christian” was never intended to be used as an adjective… so, STOP using it that way! For the life of me I cannot understand why many people continue to use the word “Christian” in the form of an adjective. We have “Christian” bookstores, we have “Christian” music, and we […]

And The Caption Contest Winner Is …

The winner of a free copy of “Finding Church” goes to Eric Carpenter over at A Pilgrim’s Progress   “That organic stuff to the left of the mirror looks way better than the institutional stuff in the mirror!” Thanks to everyone who participated.  And if I could participate, my caption would have been..  “Finally, the […]

Same Crap, Different Debate

Well, this site is called Allergic to BS, and I typically write with a “church” slant, but after tuning in for 15 minutes of the presidential debate last night (and then shut it off) I am going to go political on a post because the 15 minutes I watched was complete bullshit. (church and politics […]

Linking “One Another”

Alan Knox, over at The Assembling of the Church, has started a new chain blog. In this chain blog, each author will pick a topic related to “one another.”  Together we will work toward a better understanding what this term seen throughout scripture means to us.   This is the first thing that came to mind when […]