Threats Everywhere

Besides the government, and the capitalistic society we live in, another great threat to the United States of America (and of course you can add the rest of world to the list) is the advocating of a right-wing ideology. I am writing this post as a word of warning from what I saw and learned […]

Separation FROM “church” and “state”…

… that is exactly what I want to be separated from.. church, state, and any other man-made piece of BS institution. If looking at the whole bible as a book written to reveal Christ to us, which I feel is the essence of Christianity, then I feel Christians should dig deep and reconsider the relationship […]

I am an “I Don’t Know” Christian

I will take “Doctrinal Differences” for $1000 Alex… … a phrase in referring to the resolution of a conflict (usually a debate or quarrel) in which all parties tolerate but do not accept the opposing position or positions. What is “Agreeing to Disagree” … Correct! This term typically occurs when all sides recognize that further […]

The Yard Signs Are Back

Just when I thought the political season was over when Obama won that first Tuesday of November, the yard signs are back out to promote the next political event happening on December 24th … yes it is the Christmas Eve service. This is one of the main days a church marketing department drools, and comes […]

A Movement Is Needed

The way the institutional church body is set up today, everyone wants to be a hand or a foot. What is typically taught throughout many of the local church bodies is that we all need to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Well here is a newsflash… we all can not be just the […]

The Obama Spectrum

It just bugs me to no end how ridiculous some discussions are with my fundamental Evangelical brothers and sisters about Obama.  One thing that gives me an extreme case of BS allergies, is how the far right conservatives are so persistent about President Obama secretly being a Muslim. It amazes me the depth of some […]

I Could Only Think Of Two Words…

Holy Shit! That is all I could say when I heard the news out of the Billy Graham camp.  I am at a loss for words on how sickening this is, and how blind many Christians are to the horse shit Evangelicals are up to. Jesus is not a political party people… some need to […]

Outside Living Free

From what you read on my blog, you know I dislike the ways man-made institutions are run (and I know none of them are perfect or will never be perfect).  I emphasize the “church” in my blog because that subject comes from years of experience, but many other institutions are used to gain power in […]

Don’t Get Your “Fundies” In A Bunch

Being a Christian is not Fundamentalism, although Fundamentalist Christians will tell you otherwise. One key issue within the institutional church that pushed me away was Fundamentalist thinking. Fundamentalism has many different definitions depending on who you talk to, but for my post I will define it simply as a religion.  When someone inside this religion is […]