“Clubs” … Things to Beat People With


Just read an article that got my BS allergies going.  Here is the article. 

There is a club called the “No Cussing Club” that is ticked off and is jumping all over ABC for airing the episode of “Modern Family” last night.  In my opinion, “Modern Family” is ridiculously funny, and last night’s episode was no exception.  The show was about a 2-year-old dropping the f-bomb, and the “No Cussing Club” will have no part it, and asked them not to air it.  Asking for people to gang up and sign petitions just separates each other between the “cussers” and the “non-cussers”.  Can’t we all just get along?   

See, the problem is the way this “club” is going about asking for change.  The “No Cussing Club” is just like the institutional church.  A person must conform to the way they all act, and you too can be a part of our family.  I do not have any qualms about people having clubs, and/or being part of an institutional church, but what irks the shit out of me is when these organizations push for what their standard of living should be and shoves it down everyone else’s throats.

So, I guess if you cuss, you are a bad person.  It would make this a bad blog.  I understand a lot of words do not sound nice, but why judge a person because they say a word you do not like.  If you do not want to cuss.. don’t, it is your call, and if you do not want to hear anyone cussing, dig a hole and bury your head in it.  That is the only way you are going to get away from it.

Just think.  If I started a club that was “No Institutional Church Club”, how divisive would I be?  I would probably have to crawl into a hole and die alone.  It is something I would never do.  Yes, I am not a fan of the man-made denominational church systems, but that does not mean I want everyone to all flee their church gatherings.  What I would love to see is for everyone to focus on each other instead of the systems… then the systems would fade away naturally.   

I wonder how many people visit my blog for the first time and immediately judged me for the title of my blog, or for the use of the word bullshit is some of the posts?  If you tossed me to the side because of it, that is exactly some of the BS I am trying to point out, and why an article like this pisses me off.

First of all, this blog is just a place to post opinions in an attempt to stir up good discussion about the institutional church and its practices.  I just want people to answer why they do the things they do in the system.  

I am going to speak my mind and tell others why I do what I do, and if I truly feel something is a bunch of bull, I want others to know too.  However, this never means that my opinion is truth, exactly what’s right, or the only thing to do or not do.  I might be a little edgy, but I would never put a person down with my words.  I just want this blog to be an eye-opener for me as well as others, but I need participation to accomplish that goal.  I want to learn from all the others that are part of The Body (edgy or not).

So, what do you think?


6 thoughts on ““Clubs” … Things to Beat People With

  1. I haven’t seen the latest Modern Family yet. Looking forward to it! It’s a great show – and Phil is the shit! oops, excuse me for the language. Hey, by the way, I was thinking about stealing your theme and writing a post sorta like your “I See Fake People” post. I want to write “I See Bullshit, It’s Everywhere.” You’ve got this covered, but I want in on the action. 🙂 I saw so much bullshit this week, I thought I was going to die of methane overdose! Seems like no matter what you do, you just can’t get away from BS!

    So I’m assuming that this “no cussing club” is a Christian group. I wonder what they feel like they’ve accomplished? These are the kind of people I had in mind when I wrote the rules page on my blog. They think of themselves as the police. Their job is enforcement. Enforcement has no relational value. No relational value, no impact. You’re just a clanging gong and banging cymbal.

    1. Shon – Of course by all means steal the theme. I would love to know what you have encountered (so I can avoid stepping in it later 🙂 ).

      “Enforcement has no relational value” … well said!

      also.. Phil is the shit! … especially in last nights episode.

  2. I came to your blog from Jon Acuff’s site. He has created a tremendous forum for sharing our blogs and impacting more people with them.

    I hope my blog can be an encouragement to you also.

    I write it for encouragement and motivation daily.


    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to watching the connections grow!

  3. What these “no cussing” people don’t seem to understand is that a word is only a cuss word because some guy decided it was one day because he didn’t like it. A lot of our modern cuss words were once completely acceptable to say. They change over the years.

    While it may be inappropriate to use certain words in certain settings, it is a huge stretch to say it is a sin of any kind. If anything, the people judging other people for using certain words are the ones sinning!

    Good post!

    1. Kirk – Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      If people shun other people by the way they talk, we are in deep shit! See.. that seems appropriate to say it that way. Telling someone they are full of shit is inappropriate. There is a difference.

      Thanks again and welcome!

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