Welcome to My “Christian” Blog…

Let me say first off … the word “Christian” was never intended to be used as an adjective… so, STOP using it already! 

For the life of me I cannot understand why so many people continue to use the word “Christian” in the form of an adjective.

We have “Christian” bookstores, we have “Christian” music, and we have “Christian” businesses.

One of the biggest piles of BS that floats around is the “Christian” business directory.  The new one for the Louisville area is due out soon.  I guess you can advertise in it if you are a “Christian” business owner.  What does that mean?  Should we only do business with so-called “Christian” businesses? 

Wow, if that is not divisive, I do not know what is.

It is basically forming an us versus them mentality.  The way this could be seen is that if a Jew owns a business, you would not want to buy anything from them because they could rob you blind, or if an atheist makes great doughnuts you could go to hell for eating a cream-filled. 

Gimme a break.

One example in the directory last year is a “Christian” home repair company with a big cross as their symbol.  So, their company logo is a form of execution?  That is scary 🙂 .  Does this mean they only repair the homes of Christ followers, or that the houses themselves have made a faith decision for Christ?

When it is all said and done, a Christian who runs a home repair business is not more qualified because of his faith, but in his experience, and training.  I would hope they would have good business ethics, but it definitely does not mean they are supernatural to drive nails straighter, or get painting done in less time.

The one that has been bugging me lately is when people talk about a “Christian” education.  What in the world does that mean?  Our family homeschools, and yes we like the flexibility of teaching our kids what we want, when we want, but I would not say we do it to give our kids a “Christian” education.  Yes, we teach about Christ and live a life of loving one another.

Too often we think we can take this type of lifestyle, and that kind of activity, mix it up with our own personal preferences, and then add a little bit of “Christian” to it and feel good that our lives are conforming to the Gospel.  Well that’s horse puckey.  We assemble “nouns” and “verbs” of our own liking, and then add the “Christian” adjective… hogwash.

I really do not think this is how it works, and I could be wrong, so please help me out to understand this subject.  

Here is the way I see it…

… The Gospel is not an adjective that modifies our groups of nouns and verbs, our possessions and actions.  Rather, The Gospel comes as a set of “verbs” (of actions, an entire life with Christ, care for the marginalized, love for one another) which form us into a set of “nouns” (children of God, the body of Christ, a temple of the Holy Spirit).

What do you think?  

By the way, I hope you are enjoying my “Christian” blog 🙂

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My “Christian” Blog…

  1. Regarding “Christian” music. I saw a quote the other day from Chad Butler of Switchfoot who said, “Christianity is a faith and not a musical genre.” Sums it up well, I think.

    Since only humans can become followers of Jesus Christ, then only human beings can be “Christian”. I’ve yet to see a bookstore experience the grace of God in the forgiveness of its sin.

    I totally agree with your thoughts on businesses that advertise their religious beliefs. I always run far, very far, from those types. Probably the worst offenders in this area are actually churches. In fact, over the years, some of my biggest deadbeat clients have been churches. I don’t know which is worse, the fact that they refuse to pay me what we agreed on, or how self-righteous they get when I call them on it.

    1. Andrew – I am with you about the businesses. The bookstore comment is great. Thanks.

      Here is another thing I could not stand that I saw happening. I attended a church with 18000 members, so another thing I saw were businesses using the size of the church as a networking tool. Put a Jesus fish on a business card and poof.. 18000 more possible clients.

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