A Zombie Awakened

Followers of this blog know that it is partly my own rant about the destructive nature of institutional churches corrupted by money-power politics, and partly my own quest to see the true church rise up in the love of God and live up to her potential as the bride of Christ.  If you’re following this blog, I am guessing you may share my passion about this as well.

So, what gift did you receive over the holidays?

I got a gift, and it works just like a metal detector.  I am now equipped with what would be called a bullshit detector (with an institutional church setting).  I can now sniff out most BS from a couple miles away.

I took it out of the box and pointed it at the institutional church system and here is what the detector spit back…

You have been fed a sack of lies and dogma since birth.  Every since you can remember, you have been aware of the lies you have been fed.  Who was it that originated these lies.  Well, now, let’s take a look.  It began in the institutional church system.  You were born in a generation smack dab in the middle of organized and powerful institutional religion, so in your younger formative years the institional church imposed its lies, the pastors and the Sunday school teachers dutifully repeated and embellished many lies and dogma since you were a child, and you absorbed them because if you did not, there was punishment.

Over the years, the institutional church bureaucracy has moved to stagnation and irrelevance.  The state has taken over.  Even more unsavory than many pastors spouting their dogma, many politicians have now taken over filling the air waves with even more expensive, more substantial lies. Then came the front men for global banking, the executive pastors of the financial world with their billion-dollar lies called commercials turning on like a fire-hose to a media frenzy public.  These commercials not only oppress and exploit people: they are the ultimate predator, going after everything, and especially your thoughts.  Using consumerist psychology the institutional church develop a gospel euphemistically called “what we believe”, which brings ever-changing rules that guarantee no one can possibly know what is really going on, so stay with us to be entertained and covered from sin.

It’s all bullshit.  And many people know it, but there is hardly a one of the billions who creep about this world that actually have a voice or a thought of their own.  It has all been programmed from half-baked media ideas and info-tainment church services.  A lot of meaningless jargon.  While the planet dies, while millions in hunger, and millions poor, billions just play with their little lives, making noise and listening to noise, lots and lots of noise because the noise masks any stray personal thoughts that might arise in their McDonald’s-bloated, Wal-Mart-infested, institutional-church-system brains.  Noise to cancel out doubts that might pierce the thick heads of educated dogmatic ignorance.  If the noise begins to fail, turn up the volume, bring in better pastors, bigger programs, more classes, coffee shops, book stores.  There has to be noise, mind-numbing noise or watch out, someone might think for themselves.  Or worse than that, Jesus might actually work through a group of people and kill the institution man made.

There is a word that perfectly describes the majority on this world: zombies.  Zombies exist but have no life.  They seek pleasure and whatever they think will give them pleasure, however short-lived or however destructive, that is what zombies will do. Their condition dictates they can never find the pleasure they crave, but they are so desperately addicted to the need for pleasure they keep on chasing that rabbit on the stick down the dog track.

I was a zombie in a world of zombies ruled by an zombie institution.  But the decision was that organized institutional thinking was not for me.  Along the way as I grew deeper into a zombie state came an awakening.  I began to see what was going on, and with every passing year, that vision became sharper.  I do not exactly know when it happened, but I eventually realized that I no longer “belonged” in the institution called “church”.  I did not agree with how things were done and each time I discovered a new way to avoid participating in the “system” I did so, most times quietly so as not to create unnecessary conflict, but at other times not so quietly.  When I stopped being quiet, the further I grew apart from many people (but not by my choice)

I believed that if I could change my life and then demonstrate this change by leaving the institution others would see Christ clearer.   When I realized that I was just a puppet of a very sick system, and I left, I have never felt more free and closer to the only one who matters… Christ.

Oh I am so glad I received a gift of BS detection.

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