These Are Not The Models You Are Looking For

I do not know why the way Tim Tebow acts out on the field bugs the snot out of me, but I thought about it (for a whole 5 minutes), and here is why I think it does.

Tim Tebow is not a role model.  Yeah I said it. He is not a role model.  I am not saying he is a bad person.  I know he is a big giver to charities, and I do think his faith in Jesus comes off completely genuine.

However, I think what gets me the most is people will put this dude up on a pedestal (first mistake), much like they do celebrity pastors or other people of faith.  They will watch his every move and just wait for a mistake to happen (and it will).  This is why we are to put our love into action instead of just talking about it.  Going around spouting Jesus by yourself is not safe.  Going around showing His love together (not individually), and acting as His Body the Church will show the “Allness” of God to others.  They will see Christ, not the people Christ is using to show love to the world. 

Let me try to explain a tad further.  Right now Tim Tebow is “God’s” QB that is getting a lot of press, and one day there will be news of him making a mistake that will push many people away from Christ.  The “idolization” of sports figures (and celebrity pastors) is not healthy. 

I will give a few examples.

Tiger Woods – cheated on his wife with a harem of hookers. 

Michael Vick was funding illegal dog fighting. 

Brett Favre taking pictures of his penis and sending it too another woman. 

Joe Paterno hushing up on child molestation.  I guess I could go on and on (and could add a ton of pastors).

I do not know if any of the guys I mentioned are Christians,  but could you imagine the media frenzy if Tim Tebow would get caught doing any of these things.  We hear about Tim Tebow all the time, and have access to his personal life, but in reality we know nothing about him.  Sorry to say, but this guy is not Christ.  We are to look to Christ.  We are to look to the person Tim Tebow is following, not Tim Tebow himself.  Tim Tebow will disappoint people one day.

I heard an interview from a mom on the street the other day on TV.  Her statement is what scares the shit out of me.  She said “it is great that sports has a figure kids could look up to”.  Sounds safe on the surface, but in all actuality it is “idolization” at its best. 

Sorry, but kids and others should be looking up to Christ, not Tim Tebow.  Tim Tebow is just a football player.

6 thoughts on “These Are Not The Models You Are Looking For

  1. Ah, he’s a sports guy! I was about to post and say I’ve never heard of him, but that would be why; I don’t follow sports. 🙂 Fine with folks that do, but it’s just not my thing.

    I completely agree; the level at which folks put celebrities of every kind on a pedestal can be bothersome for several reasons. One, that no one regular human being can live up to said expectations (which is why I think that uber-famous pastor from a couple of years ago fell so hard when there were accusations of him buying drugs from a gay male prostitute), and the other is…

    Well, that’s really it. No one can live up to that. It’s like folks want their celebs to either be Jesus (completely wholesome and pure with zero faults or sins) or Snooky (infamous for being really terrible in general). These are reasons I wouldn’t want to be famous. x_x;;;

    Great post!

  2. Here is my concern. Like celebrity pastors, most people don’t know Tebow. Not at all. We know his public persona, read his tweets, etc but just like I don’t know John Piper, I don’t know Tim Tebow. How can he be someone I can emulate and imitate? I suppose if I get drafted by an NFL team I could but very little of what makes Tim Tebow who he is applies to me. We would all do better to get to know one another and imitate those men who we can observe in their day to day lives.

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