A Trouble Maker?

After reading my previous post, Bonar (over at Rogue Christianity) called me a trouble maker.

(I am sure he was being facetious, right Bonar?).

That term made a light bulb go off above my head.  It gave me the topic for my next blog post.

So far I have been called a heretic, an asshole, and now a trouble maker.  Well, by being called these names I must be growing closer in community with Him.

Ever since the Church was formed, she has been plagued by trouble makers. These people have desired to see it shaped to their own will.  This should not come as a surprise, after all, Jesus Himself predicted the rise of trouble makers within the Church.  Well, friends, the trouble makers are still with us.  That is right, there are still those working against the plan of God, and seeking to mold the Church into their likeness, or their interpretation of what “church” should be.

Paul tells us that there are tell signs associated with those who would cause trouble among the flock.  They are described as dishonest, deceptive, and divisive.  Let’s look at divisive (to splinter or cause dissensions).

How do trouble makers do this?  By deviating from the Word of God, or by deviating from Christ Himself.  They come in and begin to teach doctrines contrary to what the scriptures say.  Our they set up a set of rules one must follow.  We need a pastor in a pulpit, a worship leader singing songs, tithes, and a whole bunch of other unbiblical BS.

Hmmm.  Let me see if I fit the definition of a divisive trouble maker.  I personally seek unity with others regardless of what doctrine they think is true.  I seek others regardless if they drink or not, cuss or not, watch rated R movies or not.  I seek to love others regardless of race, denomination, rich, poor, gay or marginalized.  I seek Christ as the magnet that holds everything in the universe together.  I want to love others no matter what.

The divisiveness I see is found within the institutional, doctrinal, denominational walls of “church”.  You must believe what that certain “church” group believes to be a part of Christ’s Body, or to be accepted.  Well, that is a crock of shit, and goes against everything Christ IS.  These doctrines attract some and before long, there is a division within the church.  Evil loves nothing more than this, introducing something into the life of the church that will divide the flock.

Watch out for people who possess a divisive spirit!

I do not see that type of spirit in me at all, but I do see that type of spirit within the man-made church systems.

So when you see trouble makers appear.  What are we to do?  This is what I did, which ultimately sent me packing, and leaving the institutional church.

I examined, them I excluded.  I did examine, for almost a year.  Asked questions, and the more I dug, the more I was shunned by the very people who said they loved me no matter what.  Sad, I know.  It was like taking my heart out and hitting it with a huge sledgehammer.  That was a sure sign for me to get out of what I thought was community with one another.  So I turned away from what I saw as a brick-and-mortar building filled with many trouble makers, and headed off into the post-institutional church wilderness.

9 thoughts on “A Trouble Maker?

  1. Wow! I just put up a new post, then found your latest post, and I just went back to my post and put a link to your post! I got whacked pretty hard today. I was told that I’m an embarrassment to the name of Jesus Christ. That may be the worst thing anybody’s ever said to me! Thanks for pouring it out so honestly. This was helpful, because my heart was pretty beat up today. Thanks!

  2. That’s hilarious. I preached a sermon last week and accused Jesus of being a trouble maker of sorts–he knew the rules and how he wasn’t supposed to talk with, and especially make contact with, a leper, but he did.

    And he calls us to do the same.

    Stay blessed…john

  3. Hey man, just found your blog through Alan Knox’s and this particular post is something that I and my fellow blogger were talking about recently. I’m finishing up “The Torch of the Testimony” by John W. Kennedy which is a must read history of God’s faithful remnant over the past 2 thousand years. Anyway, I got to thinking that people in different eras of the Church’s marred past have been beaten, whipped, drowned, hanged, burned, imprisoned and mutilated for saying the kinds of things we have discussed on our blog for the last 2 yrs and the kind of things you’re talking about here. All because they feel convicted to call out some glaring incongruities between our Lord Jesus and the Church he died to give life to.

    1. Craig – Thanks for checking out my blog. Interesting comment, and an interesting way of looking at things. Took me back a second, and was good to ponder it. Thanks!


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