Just Not Understanding…

Did you know Jesus is actively involved in sporting events and helping players score points.  I guess He is in the game of choosing sides, or at least the ones where He has bet on a spread and needs the points … 🙂

I guess I have a problem with showing faith in sports the way a lot of athletes do.  I have nothing wrong with giving thanks to the Lord.  We should all thank Him for everything He has given us.  But maybe we should think about how others will see our actions before we do them. 

Praying for help to win a competition, especially a sporting competition, I feel misunderstands what playing games and being in competitions are all about.  Prayer of this type seems narcissistic, and over-estimates one’s place in the greater scheme of things.  For Jesus to step up and help you and/or the team you are playing for, He must also step up and harm your enemy.. oops.. I mean opponent.

Can any professional athlete really believe that there is some special reason why God would want to do this?  What are your thoughts?

I am writing because for some reason and I cannot tell you why right this minute, but the actions professional players praying after scoring in their sport seems to bother the snot out of me.  I am not suggesting we should not show our faith to others, but for some reason this stuff feels really wrong to me.  I just cannot explain what I mean really well, but I will try. 

I am sure both teams of any event have many players praying to help them win, but do any of them really think that God should see their side as more spiritually worthy of a victory than the other side every single game?  Well, when I see someone taking a knee or pointing to the sky to pray to God after a score, I immediately see an “us” versus “them” mentality.  Maybe I see it all wrong, but for me I see someone non-verbally saying that if you pray hard enough and are spiritual enough God will help you too get the score you need and win the game.  For me, enough prayer and spiritual disciplines acted out does not equal prosperity and rewards from God.  For me that goes against the very principles that the scriptures are written about, and they are written about Christ (and I do not see Him as an “us” versus “them” type person). 

Maybe I have some issues of the heart and I am seeing things in a weird way, and I need to deal with them, but what do you feel when a person kneels after scoring for their team.  What do you think the other team feels?

Maybe the other team is not spiritual enough or needs to pray more to gain God’s favor.

I know I usually write about “church”, but maybe this is a “church” issue… who knows.

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