“church” is changing fast.  It is insane the changes I have witnessed over just the last 10 years. However, the next 10 years could be even more incredible.  If I was employed as a pastor, or a minister in the plethora of paid staff in a church, I would be figuring out how to survive […]

Nothing New Under The Sun

What goes around comes around … there is nothing new under the sun … déjà vu … been there, done that … same shit different day… I have heard them all. I think the institutional church made me dumber (and smarter) as the years went on.  I feel like when we as a society put […]

The Great “Commission” Based Job

Not everyone is suited for every job. Let me give you an example.  There is no way in the world I could ever be a restaurant server or waiter.  I am pretty certain that when presented with a huge tray of food to carry from the kitchen to the table that it would be dropped somewhere along the […]

Im Not a Model… You Know What I Mean?

Many people I run into, and who read this blog, are confused about church (as am I).  I think there is a huge misconception of what I am writing about and what I am advocating for.  This blog is entirely about the BS that goes on within the walls of the institutional church (or pretty […]

Branding Jesus

Attention everybody, let us start our marketing meeting… Now remember, as far as the church is concerned, marketing is just simply communicating a message, or in our case a brand. Before we can begin, we need to build up a brand name.  We need a branding statement, and/or position. Our team here knows the brand […]