I Was a Mental Masturbator

Shon over at Following Jesus Sucks had a comment from this post that sparked an oldie but goodie from my blog, so I thought I would repost it to gather some comments about it.

By the way, if you have time, read Shon’s story  about his dad.  It is quite engaging.

Speaking of engaging… here is the repost…

I have been thinking about the word “engage” from my previous posts.  It got me thinking about what I was “engaging” in the decade I was attending the institutional church.  After thinking it over… all I was doing was engaging myself.  For most of the years I was a mental masturbator.  I found myself engaging in useless, yet intellectually stimulating conversation, usually as an excuse to avoid taking constructive action in my life.

I was basically attending the First Church of Mental Masturbation.  I was there to pleasure myself, to gain more and more knowledge as an individual.  I was there to debate doctrine, and to be a master of it.  I feel the “church” has become a place for people to have their “needs met”.  They are there to stimulate themselves by enjoying what the pastor has to say and/or how the program is ran having a ”what can they do for me” attitude.

Mental masturbation gives no pleasure to anyone else.  However, I believe we exist to give blessings to others “outside” the walls of the church building.  We are to help the sick, the poor, and the marginalized.

How could I get out and help others if I am too busy inside mass-debating a bunch of doctrines that I will never have the correct answer to.  Well, this was one of the reasons I left the institution of “church”, I was tired of pleasuring myself.

I realized that excessive mental masturbation was starting  to feel like demon possession (it sure was fun to do, but not helping anyone).  As long as I was gaining knowledge by myself and staying busy mentally, I would not be able to help grow the Kingdom, exactly what evil would want me to do.

Mental masturbation wastes resources.  It takes two to reproduce, and if you just keep wasting time by yourself your resources will not be put to good use.

Let’s move to action together to help one another and stop pleasuring ourselves.

2 thoughts on “I Was a Mental Masturbator

  1. Thanks for reposting this. It’s funny, when I was writing my comment to your holidays post, I was wondering if you had written something similar. Now I know! At the core of Christianity is Trinitarian theology. We have a Community God that is radically others centered. Just look at the few things Jesus says while hanging on the cross. In the midst of severe suffering he’s thinking of others. Anything we do that falls short of this is essentially masturbation. Especially our feel-good based worship, which you’ve recently written about. Glorifying our relational God requires living to give – pouring ourselves into others by the power of the Spirit. But living like this costs something. So a cheap jerk-off offers enough counterfeit life to get by.

    1. Shon – Well said.

      It is a graphic analogy, but one that spells out a key reason I had to get out of that environment.

      I cannot see the Body of Christ growing if everyone is just sitting around pleasuring themselves.

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