A Disgruntled Freedom

I see the word “disgruntled’ unlike most people do. 

Most people would definitely use the word “disgruntled” in a negative context.  We have all heard about a “disgruntled” employee.  This is someone who is a grouch, discontent, and definitely a complainer of the system in which they work.

Well, I am going to twist this word around and look at it from a different perspective.  I am going to put it into a whole different light and use the negative context for good. 

Let me first define the word from a literal sense.  To be “disgruntled” is to be dissatisfied, displeased, and discontented. 

From my experience, those who are dissatisfied are those who have seen the truth.  After being “disgruntled” within the organization called “church”, I saw the truth, and once the bright light of truth hit my heart, the dissatisfaction was no longer good enough.  The truth ruined me to a ginormous lie I was living for years.

The ginormous lie I am talking about is the myth of so-called “performance Christianity”.  The impression that Christians have a certain set of rules they have to live by, rules that make them good enough and better than everyone else so they can be part of this big social club called “church”.  I am not talking about our call as followers to live a holy life together as Christ’s Bride.  I am speaking about the amazing outward pressure of performance that leads us to exclude all of the screwed up, messy, and broken people (the marginalized) who cannot seem to get it all together.

That is the ginormous lie, so here is where I see the truth: 

The pretending needs to stop immediately! 

I took off the fake mask (the façade) and I now show everyone who I really am … a failure, and a screw up, and someone who is allergic to all the bullshit that goes on within the walls.  I personally think it is time for all us as followers to admit that we do not have it all “together” as we lead others to believe.  It is this inability to open up and let others see who we really are that is at the root of much of the ineffectiveness and irrelevance going on in what is known as the institutional church system.  I know scripture talks about money being the root of all evil, well, I think this “performance Christianity” takes a close second.

What I did was let go of being pleased and content inside the social club … and I became disgruntled.

I now refuse to let the false front the institutional church puts up called “performance Christianity” to rule my life with fear and guilt no longer. 

Lift the veil and let others see who is really inside your heart.  I know I speak my mind here on this blog, but I truly like it that way.  I do not have anything to hide, and you know how I feel about things, you know my heart.  If you have read my blog entries you know I dislike the man-made system for sure, but another thing I hope for people to grasp is that I really love the people who make up Christ’s Body (even the ones that think their shit don’t stink 🙂 .

I now live in a “disgruntled” freedom, and it has set me free!  Just like Jesus said the truth will do.

6 thoughts on “A Disgruntled Freedom

  1. Truly this is a difficult position to be in, one that I have found myself in lately as well. So it is good to know that I am not alone. 2,000 years and in some ways, not much has changed in many ways. There are still leaders whose only thought is for themselves. Sad, very sad.

    1. hans316 – Welcome. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      It is definitely a difficult position, but a rewarding one… and you are not alone.

  2. “To be “disgruntled” is to be dissatisfied, displeased, and discontented.”

    Having left the institutional church nonsense many years ago, I can confirm that I am now far more satisfied, pleased and contented with my life.

    In short I am now thoroughly gruntled!

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