Separation of “church” and holidays

You cannot separate Jesus from His Church, but local churches need to learn how to separate the holidays people celebrate from Jesus.  I know this post will not make me popular with the fundies, but really, is that my goal?  Nope.  I just want to say what is on my mind (and I am guessing a lot of others think this too, but are just afraid to verbalize it).  But I am sure the comments I will get will prove otherwise 🙂

Please stop the insanity and shut your holiday pie holes already. 

My BS allergies are kicking in high gear when I hear things like…

“Easter is not about the bunny rabbit and chocolates” … “Christmas is not about Santa, and buying a bunch of gifts” … “We need to teach the true meaning of Easter” … “We need to put Christ back in Christmas”.. and I could go on and on…

Well, this is going to come as a shock to your fundamental traditional “church” system thinking.  Consumerism IS exactly what Easter and Christmas is all about … not Christ.  The holidays are there for us to consume as much shit as possible, and have fun doing it.  Need to boost the economy, go buy a chocolate bunny or two and pop them in a basket.  The kids will love it! 

These holidays have nothing to do with Jesus at all, so stop trying to take over these holidays by trying to shove them into the institutional church system like you own them.  Leave the holidays alone, and let the people in your community have fun with them, and here is a thought, why not join them for a change and have fun together.  Show them Christ with love.

I am sad to report, but Easter IS about the little bunny, the baskets, the eggs, and the chocolates.  I cannot find anywhere in scripture about Easter as we know it today.  Go ahead, fill the baskets for the kids, have egg hunts, but do it as a community in which you live.  Do not go hide in your “sacred” buildings and have resurrection egg hunts and do a whole bunch of other holiday bullshit ideas to pull people out of the community and into your so-called “perfect” world.  All this does is create an “us vs them” mentality.  Hey “churchgoers”, do you hear yourselves talking … “Look at all those people out there not celebrating the true meaning of Easter like they should”.. well here is a newsflash… They are!!!  

And it is not just Easter.

Christmas IS about buying gifts and a Santa Claus, it is not about Christ.  Christ’s birth is about Christ… celebrate that everyday.  Easter IS about the bunny baskets and spring, not Christ.  Christ’s death and resurrection is about Christ… celebrate that everyday.  Celebrate Christ EVERY day and stop using the holidays to separate from others.     

It is ok to have fun with these holidays, and I think we should celebrate Christ in community with Him everyday.  Be together.  Celebrate.  Have fun, but separate the consumerism holidays from the institutional church traditions.  Keep the holidays where they belong … in the public square.

Guess who else should be in the public square.  You guessed it.  Jesus!!  His Body, and all of His followers…

7 thoughts on “Separation of “church” and holidays

  1. There are two worlds, one is the Kingdom of God and His children, the other is this world’s system. The “church” is just a part of the world system. They operate the same, they “rule over” their subjects, they fleece their followers, they hide the truth, or by any other name they lie, intentionally and unintentionally. The Scriptures tell us that deceivers will go on deceiving , and being deceived, getting worse and worse.
    The kingdom of God is synonymous with the leading of the King in His Holy Spirit. You do not know where it is coming from or where it is going to. The ekkelsia of Christ, has authority as is written in Matthew chapter 16, and is being built by the Lord Himself (only a crazy person would imply that what we see as church is being build by the Lord). The purpose of this ekklesia “called out community”, is to show the evil spiritual forces in the heavenly realms, the wisdom and power of God : Ephesians 3:10
    His intent was that now, through the (mistranslated word) church, (correct word) ekklesia, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, Do we think for one nano second that what we commonly call church is demonstrating anything to opposing spiritual forces in the heavenly realms anything but a good reason to laugh.
    So to begin understanding what is wrong with “church” we must understand that ‘church’ is a demonic creation, and not the “called out community” that Christ is building. This does not mean that the people inside are not Christian, because many/most are. They are just being led down the path to perpetual infancy, and impotency for the rest of their lives by this imposter. The devil loves church for this reason. All that church is, is all that God is not: Paid professional preachers, humans using the Bible to spiritually manipulate and rule over other human beings, money spent on church staff, marketing, advertising, buildings, canned church programs, the use of fear to control people, cults of personalities, division via denominationalism, compliance to church doctrines and rules placed higher than expressing the love of Jesus, an atmosphere of the haves and have nots, and every category from money, to affluence, influence, intelligence, stylishness, family values…this lest could go on. So in conclusion, all of the crap that is in church is not to be blames on the Lord Jesus, look no further than the founder of this institutional
    system we call church,

    1. Tony – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Welcome.

      I look at it as a little c “church” and a big C “Church”.

      The little c “church is the man-made system and the big C “Church” is the Christ’s actual Body with Christ as the head.

      It is the little “c” church that celebrates Easter. It is the big “C” church that celebrates Christ.

  2. I enjoyed all the easter goodies this weekend. My wife made something called “bunny bait.” Mmm…nice and fattening. Your post is going to mess with all the CEO Christians, man! You know, the Christmas and Easter Only church attenders. Which, by the way, is about as often as I “attend” church. I appreciate your continued call to live, breath, BE the church. I was thinking yesterday that it was nice to have a “special” celebration of the resurrection right when the trees, the grass, the flowers, and the birds are beginning to do their thing! Early spring is a great time to celebrate resurrection life. And what the hell, why not include the egg-pooping bunny as well!

    It’s interesting to think what might happen if the power that raised Jesus from the dead was actually flowing through his Body in our neighborhoods. Instead of boxed up in a building where everyone’s practicing spiritual masturbation. We’re too busy stroking ourselves to be bothered by bringing the joy of Christ to the world. We’re church pornographers, looking for our weekly fix. Sunday masturbation will leave you feeling empty and useless by Monday. But don’t worry, you can usually get another fix in a mid-week strokers club.

    (sorry for the graphic nature of this comment. I’m feeling a little rascally this morning. must have been the easter holiday, seeing all them birds and bunnies doing their thing)

    1. Shon – I am with you. I enjoyed all the easter goodies too. I steal from the kids baskets as much as I can.. just kidding, I do ask first, maybe?

      I do not even “go” to the Easter service anymore. I just cannot stand the “costume” or facade I have to put on before I go. I feel like I have to act different to be accepted and that stresses me out to much…. isn’t that sad? If I did go I of course would be myself… I did that before and no one liked me, I asked to many questions. Oh well, if I want to catch a show or a rock concert I can find it at other places.

      We do a seder meal at home and hopefully find others that are still around to party with. Christ is awesome and is the magnet that holds everything together… even the “Creasters” like yourself :).. haha.

      I had a “graphic” post similar to what you are saying. I am not put off by the graphic nature. I think it is one of the best analogies out there.

      I will repost it with a new blog post today.

      Later, Swanny

  3. “These holidays have nothing to do with Jesus at all, so stop trying …” is truth. As I’ve learned, Easter is actually rooted on celebrations about goddess Eostre, which is where we get the word Easter from. Christmas as we celebrate it in the U.S. with the figure of Santa Claus is actually rooted on the Stag God/Lord Cernnunos, although some try to link Santa to St. Nicholas, Father Christmas or Sinterklaas. You are correct. These holidays have absolutely nothing to do with Jesus nor do they need to have anything to do with Him in order for us to celebrate who He is.

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