Love Your Enemies Already!

I think I get what Jesus meant when he said “love your enemies”. 

Let me try to explain, Allergic to BS style!

Other than Christianity itself, some other religion, a hostile government, or Satan himself, the worst enemy of a “Christian” is another “Christian”.  Let me define what I mean by “Christian”.  This definition comes from my life perspective within the walls of institutional churches.  Most who call themselves a “Christian” today typically have a cultural identity with the name because they hold a certain set of moral values.  Well, I am not talking about these dudes and dudettes.  This post is not for the cultural “Christians” out there, but for the “Christians” that claim that they were saved by grace through faith and changed into new creations into the body of Christ.  They could call themselves Evangelicals, Pentecostals, “born again”, “Bible believers”, or some other man-made lump of BS.  But for this ramble, I will lump them all into “Evangelicals”.

There are a shit-load of “Evangelicals” on this planet that claim they were born of the Spirit and they use the Bible as their guide for righteous living.  There are thousands and thousands of denominations that exist within this “Evangelical” group mainly because of the significance placed on certain scripture passages or how those passages are interpreted.  If you want, you could create whatever denomination you want to.  Don’t like the rules, make them up your flippin self.   

No two denominations can agree on every point of scripture and no two Christians within a denomination can ever agree on every single point of interpretation.  So, this makes “Christians” their own worst enemies. 

I like to use the term “agree to disagree” a lot when I talk with other “Christians”.  I think “agree to disagree” means the same as “love your enemies”.  If “Evangelicals” would just focus on Christ (the first order reality) instead of trying to play God by defining what all the **second order realities** should be, they would be fulfilling the command of “love your enemies”.

Each of us is an enemy of each other when we do not “agree to disagree” to anything other than the first order reality called Christ.  It is not about denominations, it is about the people!!  Drop the bullshit, and focus on each other already.

**here is a partial list of second order realities**

  • Baptism
  • Lord’s Supper
  • Prayer
  • Tongues
  • Faith and Works
  • Great Commission
  • Miracles and God’s Intervention
  • Tithing
  • Sabbath
  • God’s Will
  • Bible Versions
  • Music
  • And a whole bunch of other ones….  (remember, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one)

Here is a list of first order realities…

  • Christ

Pretty simple huh?

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