Shut Your Pie Hole

This post is for all the far right fundamental Pharisee thinking groups that use the bible as a rulebook to boycott stuff during this wonderful time of year.  There is one thing I ask as a gift from all of you this wonderful holiday season … can you all please just shut your pie hole. 

I think I just found use number 1,002 for duct tape. 🙂

Can you please quit telling all the other “Christians” and “Non-Christians” who to hang with, what to do, when to pray, where to shop, why we should attend church services, and how we should boycott everything under the flippin’ sun when it bothers you.  You all are bothering me, but I would never boycott you. 

I am a Christian, and I am strong in my faith, but one thing I will not do is tell someone else how and where they should spend their money during the holidays (or any time, really).  I do not hear as much of this nonsense now that I am outside the fundamental “institutional” bubble, but it still lingers in the holiday air occasionally.  As I was driving to work this morning I heard a news blurb that a bunch of “church” people were wanting all “Christians” to boycott Lowes this Christmas because apparently Lowes advertised their store on some TV show that I guess favored muslims.  Give me a freakin’ break! 

If Christians boycotted for all their goofy man-made rules, they would not be able to buy anything anywhere anytime.  What if the register clerk at your grocery store likes to watch rated R movies with nudity and cussing in it?  What if they liked to gamble and play poker?  Are you going to stop shopping there and starve because your money would help fund his or her paycheck to go to the movies that has icky content, or for them to gamble a poker match.  What if that clerk was a muslim, better yet, what if the clerk was a gay muslim?  Would you never buy food from any grocery store that would hire a muslim person or even a gay person? 

Do you see how idiotic all this sounds?    

Christmas has many meanings for different people, and I know one of the meanings is a major religious festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  The thing that gets me the most is the emphasis on shopping and buying things.  The birth of Christ has nothing to do with consumerism, so boycotting because of this religious festival is just plain asinine.  So I cannot, for the life of me, understand why people would volunteer and shove their views and opinions down other people’s throats, setting rules on how they should spend their time and money during this time of year.  I really do not think this brings the Body of Christ together, or even brings anyone together (except like-minded Pharisee think-tanks that believe their way is the only right way)

I hope I get to rip off the duct tape this year, and have Christ’s love pour out.   Oh, and by the way, next year and for every year after, I will be asking for the same present….

4 thoughts on “Shut Your Pie Hole

  1. This is interesting. I just got done reading a similar blog from an atheist who says we should boycot Lowes for caving and pulling their adds. Hmmm!

    1. tobeforgiven – Just more people that need to shut their pie hole.

      If a person (athiest or fundie) does not like what Lowes is doing, and it bothers them, why don’t they just stop shopping there? Or better yet, I will go to Lowes and buy each of them some super glue with instructions to apply below the upper, and above the lower lip.

  2. This is why “Occupy Wal-Mart!” and other similar things confuse me. You want folks to stop buying from one of the biggest holiday stores during the Holiday season? Yeah…good luck with that!

    That being said, if anyone told me that I wasn’t allowed to say “Merry Christmas”, I’d be tempted to slap them. It’s one thing to be solid in your beliefs or non-beliefs. It’s another to get deeply offended over a typical and traditional greeting. It’s like getting mad at someone for greeting you in passing with a smile and a “Hello”. x_x;;;

    Likewise, if someone tells me “Happy Holidays!” or even “Happy Hanukkah!”, I wouldn’t be offended.

    (I seem to have gone off on a tangent..)

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