BMX Rocks!

We are getting ready to take off on another weekend trip to a gigantic dirt hole.  This gets me pumped up just thinking about it.  I am talking about the great sport of BMX racing.  Many of you will say… What?  What in the heck is that?  Tricks?  Motocross?  (You can google it if you want, or come out to a race next spring here in Louisville at Derby City BMX at Tom Sawyer Park).  There is nothing better than watching my kids and other racers blast out of the start and then fight for the “holeshot” as they all dive into the 1st turn wanting the same line … they are all striving for the lead.  It is a major adrenaline rush to say the least. 

I love racing BMX bikes myself.  My kids love to race BMX bikes.  My wife, not so much – but she loves to watch it.  (She is the designated driver in case I go down and am unable to drive home).  I look forward to our family getting together with other families at practice during the week, and on the weekends for races.  It is its own community, tucked away from what is happening in the big-bad world.  The world of BMX is definitely a “subculture” within our society.  When I say subculture, I am defining it as a group of people with a rather distinct or hidden culture, which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong. 

Sports like football and baseball are more widespread in the culture of America.  People all know the Superbowl and World Series, and many partake in these sports because so many other people do too.  It is just what you do.  Kids are packing ballparks and stadiums are selling out with record crowds in some city every weekend. 

Well this got me to thinking… (I know it happens now and then, and this may be a stretch so bear with me 🙂 )

The sport of BMX fits me and my family really well.  Besides it being so freakin’ awesome to come blasting out of the gate trying to pummel the other 7 riders, and hitting the dirt track as fast as you can to the finish line, it fits my family because we seem to live our lives in many other subcultures.  Let me try to explain.

We are no where close to a football/baseball type family (not that there is anything wrong with going to a game now and then), but we tend to fall into a smaller community of people, that come from all walks of life, but unify together in a sport that is not anywhere close to mainstream…BMX.  For some reason, this goes right in line with why we home school our kids, and why we left the institutional church a few years ago.

Home schooling is definitely a subculture in America and many other countries.  Many people choose to home school for many different reasons, but there are other choices to educate kids that are more mainstream.  As most of the families in our sub-division go on with their lives outside the community in which they live, and send their kids to a more mainstream life, there is our tiny family that is learning together in a subculture within that main culture.  Please do not get me wrong.  I am not saying that the way we choose is the right way for everyone.. whatever works well for your family is the route that should be taken.  It just works really well for us. 

Well, we also left the mainstream institutional church system for a more sub-culture post-institutional wilderness.  See, to me the institutional church is much like your mainstream sports.  The mass majority of people get together every weekend to be entertained, and many go to a church because that is just what everyone else does.  You want to know Jesus “the sport”, come to a worship service. 

Well, I do not see church that way at all.  I see church and community in a whole different light (more of a subculture of people within the mainstream).  I know there are people within the walls of church on the weekend that are in a small subculture within the main culture.  It is this subculture that I believe makes up the one true Church.. the actual Body of Christ.  There are the followers of Christ that make up the subculture, and there is a bunch of other followers of the sport of Jesus there for the entertainment and feel good atmosphere that make up the mainstream. 

I just see the actual Body of Christ, His followers, much like the small batch of families that get together because they all love and are unified in BMX.  They come from many different walks of life, but they are all together for the love of the sport.  They eat out together, they help each other, they even root for each other and even their enemies. 

If you would just replace the sport of BMX racing with Jesus within this subculture of families, you would have a group of people with a rather distinct or hidden culture, which differentiates them from the larger culture to which they belong.  To me you would have “Church”.  They would all be in it together for the love of Jesus… and that’s it, just Him.  Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

4 thoughts on “BMX Rocks!

  1. Hey Brian, I have been following your blog as time allows and, while I may not always agree with how you express some of your thinking, I most definitely am proud of the way you are a man of your convictions and are not afraid to voice them. I see you as a powerful, Godly witness to your family. I see you challenging yourself and others to live what you (they) believe. Most of all, I am proud of the way you put your family first, have taken a real interest (to the point of excess in breaking your collarbone joining in their activity – LOL) in the interests of your kids and guide them to be the people of God whom they were created to be. My words of encouragement — keep on digging, learning, challenging the status quo…and being a wonderful husband, father and “Christian” witness to others.

    1. Pat – Thanks for the kudos. So, you mean you do not agree with me 100%.. come on! I thought what I was writing was the absolute truth 🙂

      Just messing. And yes, I will always question why I do what I do… as I feel others should too.

      1. I know you are messing and I am glad you feel comfortable with me to do that. Unless we are willing to be “lambs led to the slaughter” we DO need to ponder what we do and why we do what we do…I think that is why God gave us a brain and free will.

      2. Pat – or some of us a half-brain and pre-determination… hahaha

        see… I am comfortable messing.

        But your point of “lambs led to the slaughter” is a great point.

        Sometimes I felt like that waiting 45 minutes to get into the parking lot at the church I used to attend. (and why am I doing this?)

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