I Must Be Weird!

I have been called a heretic from many people for leaving the institutional church a few years ago.  I am sure some people think I am a heretic for not placing my kids in the public educational system.  We, as a family, have decided that home schooling would be the best route to teach our kids (and it is not because we wanted to box them up and keep them from the “world”… far from it).  I am not against public education.  If public school works for a certain family, so be it (whatever works for your family) 

Well, I think I have hit the trifecta for being a heretic in the eyes of many.  So, I must be a weirdo, or crazy.  I have also distanced myself from the political system … I have no party affiliation and really could care less with the bullshit that goes on in the political realm.  So this makes me a political heretic, right?

Do not get me wrong.  This is not a post to say Christians should never seek political office.  If someone wants to go down that road, that is their call… enjoy. 

This is more about being a Christian, and getting lumped into a category of either being a “fundamentalist” or a “dominionist”…  which I am not even close to either.  

I am getting sick and tired of hearing the same slogans coming from the “Christian” political figures and from the pulpit of many churches.  BS like.. God will stop blessing the United States if we keep doing this or that? or “The world will end if we do not legislate morality, and get out and politically change our culture”.  I know they do not say that directly, but that is exactly what they are trying to do.  It is all just another list of do’s and dont’s .. another set of rules you should follow, or else God’s hand will slap you silly.

Back to “dominionism”.  A lot of you might not have heard that term before, so let me define what I mean.  I think a lot of what comes out of Christianity (and is not necessarily a good thing) is the highly politicized concept of “dominionism” that is typically based on the Bible.  They “cherry pick” text from verses like Genesis 1:26.  The vast majority of Christians that I have come across over the years read this text to say God has appointed them personally as stewards and caretakers of planet Earth.  In other words, they think as Christians, they are biblically mandated to occupy all secular institutions until Christ returns.”  Absolute truth?  I think not, I think absolute crap.  That, is how I am defining the idea of “dominionism.”  Go take dominion over the world!!!

And since I am a follower of Christ and part of the Body, I feel lumped in with the “fundies” and the dominionists.. and it just drives me nuts because in reality I cannot stand the way either of these groups think and treat people outside their realm.  They as a group, do not focus on who matters and that is Christ.  They work up their own man-made agendas for Christ!  Sound familiar?

I wish Christians would steer clear of politics all together, and focus on Christ and His Body the Church, but that is just a dream of mine.  I think Christians in politics are a huge distraction causing an “us” versus “them” worldview, which in the end just results in conflict and segregation.  Pick a topic, and the “Christian Right” has an answer for it, and it is not what Jesus asks of them.. to love one another and not judge… it comes across as the complete opposite.

Looking for a Savior?  Look closely at the actual Body of Christ, His followers that are outside all these man-made institutions, living in community with one another, and in love… and stop looking toward the government and politics to save you and save the world.

I guess I am not weird after all.  The actual Body of Christ, His believers, are really acting outside of all 3 man-made institutions I mention.  Maybe that is why I am drawn away from these systems in the first place, as I seek Him and Him only as I wander the post-institutional wilderness.

8 thoughts on “I Must Be Weird!

  1. I just watch a series, God in America from PBS about this incestuous relationship between politics and religion. It is fascinating to see how quickly the tools of religion turn into weapons

    1. DrT – Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Welcome.

      I will have to catch that program. I am sure PBS with re-air it.

      Take care.

  2. I downloaded it from the internet–there are 6 episodes, but the later two deal more with this issue. It really talks alot about the Moral Majority and Christian Coalition. I think I yelled at the screen a few times

  3. I hate politics and dislike most politicians. I agree with you about there needing to be a change in viewpoint from Christian politicians.

    That being said, you can’t worry too much about how people see you. Sure, talk to someone if they are open to it….but ignore the ones who just want to pick a fight.

    (This is something I learned not necessarily just from being a Christian, but just being a Rather Strange Individual In General. (Caps intentional.))

    1. Oh believe me, I do not care what anyone thinks of me. I too ignore the ones that want to fight. That is just a waste of time. Good discussions with an open mind are much smoother and much more loving.

      You better get back to writing.. it is November 12th already.


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