Branding Jesus

Attention everybody, let us start our marketing meeting…

Now remember, as far as the church is concerned, marketing is just simply communicating a message, or in our case a brand.

Before we can begin, we need to build up a brand name.  We need a branding statement, and/or position.

Our team here knows the brand should say “We are all One Church under Christ”, but how is that going to grow our church campus.  As far as churches go, we are now #5 on the list of the largest mega-churches in America.  So for us to grow this kingdom, and to be on top, our church should have its own identity, niche, passion, and uniqueness…. a deliberate message is what we need to continue to share, and it should always come through in our communication (or marketing) strategy.

You guys are lucky.  As your senior marketer here at First Church of Consuming Christ, I have come from a background that watched a church grow into a mega-church with ease.  I watched the well oiled-machine run with no problem.  Their brand statement was incredible.

So guess what we now have … yep an awesome brand!  Without further ado.. we are going with… (drum roll please)…  “Keeping Him Hip in the Real World”  And I tell you what, we are going to do exactly that.  We will keep it real within the new age pop culture.  Our music, our graphic arts, our hip language will all be in tune with everyone living around us.  We will cater to all different types of people.  We will have 3 different “worship” styles under one roof (and that is just for the adults).  We will have 4 different age group programs for youth, with 4 different music styles.  The people will just pick the type of music they like and attend there.

People will likely say our brand is more like “Church for people who do not really like church”, and that is exactly what we want.  The brand “Keeping Him Hip in the Real World” will drive that message straight to the heart of the community online, in the mail, newspapers, TV, radio, and any other form of media we could spawn.  Oh boy it is going to work like a charm.

Before we were this ultimate machine at #5, this church was starting to die off.  We tried so many different things to get people to stay in their seats, but everything just did not work.   So all of you, as our new market strategy team. you must be absolutely consistent with this new message and with your efforts to continue to reach our community for Christ.  Our strategy is sure to change from one medium to another, but it must be your consistency in message and focus that should reinforce our brand.  What is it again?  (they all spout it aloud… Keeping Him Hip in the Real World!).

We will also need a new and awesome visually stimulating logo to help build our brand.  Anyone have any good ideas on a cool graphic to flaunt the world with?  I know a certain team down in Texas has done a tremendous job in marketing their brand.  At every waking moment that team would not ever give up in shoving their brand down peoples throats.  Like I said, you want dividends paid to you, be consistent, and be patient, and the results will be flowing like a 3-way match on a slot machine.

This team needs to help our church through any communication issues.  Make sure everyone knows we have a compelling brand statement, and they will all see it as part of our overall marketing strategy for years to come. This awesome brand statement will bring added value to the readers of our newspapers, the listeners of our radio spots, and this will give them incentive to visit our church.

“Keeping Him Hip in the Real World”… go build that brand every chance you can get.  Put it on our bulletins, on our letterhead, on our business cards, our websites… even find billboards, radio spots, TV ads, and any other ways you can think of that people will either read or touch.

Remember, we will hear this same brand over and over for years.  You might be sick of hearing it after awhile, however, to some people in the community it will be the first time they will hear our brand and it might be a new revelation to them to come join our church.  So stay positive.

Well, let us get out there and grow this business (ahem)… I mean church.  Listen out there to the others walking around the campus.  We will all know we are doing a good job if others are always talking about our brand.

Remember, we are doing this because Jesus commanded us in Luke 14:23 to go into the highways and by-ways and “compel” people to come to our church.  So, remember, for marketing and building a brand, it must be deliberate, systematic, and consistent.

Thank you all.. go get em!

Meeting adjourned..

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