I Just Don’t Understand

Over the years, I have found myself getting pissed off at the news media.  (I know it is a big shock that I cannot stand the media.)   I have also found myself getting upset with other people when certain news stories take precedence over other news stories.  Add this topic to my BS allergies.

You get news out of the Middle East on a regular basis.  However, a couple of years ago I remember hearing reporters talk about a place where there was a huge pet market where a person could find everything from exotic birds, snakes and monkeys, all the way to domestic dogs and cats.

Then sadly, when there was a mortar shell, and/or a suicide bomber, and the exotic animal market is the next scene of the latest attack, innocent people died along with innocent animals. 

Lots of people died, but I remember the media focusing entirely on the innocent animals than they did on the innocent civilians that passed away.  What about the suicide bomber’s family and the families of all the other loved ones? 

I am sure when people hear of human suffering from the news, public reaction and feedback is what is to be expected…. sympathy, heartfelt thoughts and prayers…

… Unless there is an animal within camera range.

Then, almost without exception, it is the pooch, the lion, or the monkey that steals the show, pushing the humans to the empathy back-burner.

Please do not get me wrong, I do like animals, but I am really curious on how animals tug the heartstrings way more than human beings.

The latest story that has irked me a bit is the wild animals let loose in Ohio.  Almost every time I turn the news on people are so upset that a bunch of animals had to be killed.  But I have not heard anything on the man who killed himself.  How is his family and loved ones doing?  Are they getting the care and help they need in this sad time.  I guess since animals are involved, no one gives a shit about the dead guy and his family.

Does anyone have any ideas on why we focus our love for animals well above human beings?

Are we not to love our neighbor, and love one another.  Is this showing love?

4 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Understand

  1. I hate to sound heartless, but screw the animals! Save the humans! Not literally…. but you know what I mean…

    I watched some show yesterday where a town in India protects streets gangs of monkeys who rob and steal all the food from these dirt poor families, and the families can do nothing.

  2. One thought — caged animals (even “ferocious” ones) can pull a different heartstring — of being innocent, pure, defenseless, helpless, imprisoned, captured, naive, etc. (like a newborn).


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