JesusWeen… Are You Serious?

Ok, I cannot stand it anymore.  I must weigh in on this craziness.

The holiday season is approaching, and I can feel the typical US versus THEM pressure starting to build up. 

Up first is ever-popular Halloween.  Oh how I love this holiday, the way it separates the Christians from others, and also the Christians from other Christians.  Not really.  I personally think this is a very sad situation on how the “church” approaches October 31st.

Many Christians choose not to observe Halloween, and that is fine, and personally I say they should leave it at that.  Just be quiet.  Do not try to come up with some lame alternative.  All that does is divide us as a community.

I thought I heard them all.  Fall Carnivals, Harvest Festivals, Pumpkin Patch Fun-raisers, Noah’s Ark Parties, and now JesusWeen.  That took the cake.  My goodness, stop already.. there is no need to “redeem” Halloween, or make it a “soul winning” event 🙂

Everything that goes on at these parties are the same things going on in your neighborhoods.  Kids are playing, and getting candy.  The only difference is that the ones not at the alternative party are actually getting to know their neighbors in the community.  The “church” event just houses the people who dislike Halloween so much they choose to isolate themselves with the same people they see every Sunday within the walls of the organization. 

Another goal of the so-called JesusWeen parties is to bring others with you.. great, more people being legalistic about a harmless candy-giving event… that is all we need.

For the ones that do not attend the alternative parties, you know who you are, you stay at home and distribute Jesus in various forms.. usually some asinine pun on candy (Testa -mints).  I know the intentions are good, and I would not judge a persons motives, but no kid wants a bible or scripture reading that night.. they want flippin’ candy .. and that’s it.  You are likely not going to “convert” anyone to your alternative lifestyle by throwing Jesus in their bag.  You better give a couple huge candy bars if you throw verses in the bag.

Also, this is one time out of the year that you neighbors come out of their shells (homes) and actually talk to each other.  What better way to show the love of Christ by actually taking the time to get to know your neighbors for who they are.. the crazy Halloween people.

10 thoughts on “JesusWeen… Are You Serious?

  1. Jin roh – I am with you there. The rules and regulations made up by humans is detrimental to the Body.

    Thanks for taking time to comment. Welcome.

  2. I would give out candy and participate in a normal, humble, loving manner. Didn’t Jesus spend alot of time and dinners with “sinners”, tax-collectors, etc, etc.? Shouldn’t we be doing that since this is the ONLY night of the year people come to your door? Mixing and spending time VS. isolating and withdrawing? Sounds like a great opportunity…

    I agree it is a great opportunity to meet people and (possibly) START a relationship with them. It is not the time to evangelize and hand out tracts and bibles INSTEAD of the candy they are expecting. That is not loving in this case, because it is a day with built-in EXPECTATIONS (food), Silently pray to yourself for the person instead when you feel led.

    Locking the door, turning out the lights, and ignoring – makes you appear mean, unfriendly, and cold. One can participate in the occassion in a loving and God-honoring way (and costumes), while in a subtle way, not judging others, or endorsing the dark side of the day.

    Sadly, the costumes have become more extreme and demonic than ever – just walk in to a “Spirit” Halloween store – it’s all black inside and the “displays” are so disturbing. Everything now for women, (especially teen girls), and young girls has a perverted/physical/peekaboo/lookat me!/sexual intent. Costumes for guys and boys are mostly themed to death/evil/war/satanic/horror/perversion…

    1. I agree. Isolation is NOT the solution. But I also don’t think that saying “a little prayer silently” is enough “when felt led”. I think that is ONE thing you can do, but also we need to be urgent in sharing the Gospel of Christ. If this is the ONLY time that they come to our door and we interact with them, then we need to make it worth while. However…this time of year should not be the only, but one of the MANY times that we interact with them. I know I am still young, but what happened to the days when neighbors sat outside and TALKED to each other, or invited each other over for dinner, instead of just waving hello as we go about our days, and “Like-ing” each others FaceBook posts.

      “Holidays” are GREAT times to share your faith. I find that people are more willing to listen to why you do, or don’t do, what you do. So long as it is done in a loving manner. It seems to me to be a wide open door. But like Swanny said, “You BETTER give a couple huge candy bars…”

      Be the house that they LOVE to come to! Be fun, interesting, and loving. But more importantly Go to THEM. Help them put up their decorations, and live out your faith.

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