We the People… Right?

I am already sick and tired of hearing the phrase “who will run our country” every time I flip the TV, listen to the radio, or check my email on the internet.  Pundits, anchors, and most anyone else in the media keeps spouting this nonsense everyday.

Of course they are talking about who is going to be our next President.  Because, of course he or she would be the one running our country.  I guess if you say something long enough people start to believe it.  Well, what a bunch of BS that phrase is, and it is killing the country, and many other things by brainwashing us into thinking this way.

Let us get one thing straight.  The President does NOT “run our country”.  The president is the head of only one branch of government…and that is it.  He is the Commander in Chief of that one branch of GOVERNMENT … not the commander in Chief of us (unless of course you work for the military).

So who runs the country?


The 300+ million Americans are who run the country.

Do not get me wrong, presidents do dumb things that make our lives worse.  However, for the most part the complex, thriving, giant that is the United States of America runs itself.  The President doesn’t create new musicals or films, doesn’t produce miracle drugs, or does not even produce jobs.

This phrase (and many others) has been shoved down our throats so much that everyone seems to think one person “runs the country”.

Well.. this crap has also crept into the church institution over the years.  Everyone looks to one person in the church to run the organization.  The Pastor is the “church” Commander in Chief, and if he or she is not doing a good job they elect someone else who can.  This is also bullshit.

The church is ran by Jesus Christ and he does not even do it by himself.  Every single person that follows Him is the Church.  So it is the people that run the Church as His Body, and it should be the people that run His Church as well the people running whatever country they live in.

So stop spewing this type of talk, and stop putting the President up on a pedestal… just like many do the Pastor.

4 thoughts on “We the People… Right?

  1. Arthur – Thanks for the Sunday morning sarcasm.. I love it

    I have learned to be honest, and one way is to let people now how I think. I am sure I am not always right, but I like for people to know that I am honest.

  2. This is one instance in which I agree with you. 🙂

    Fortunately, I think churches in general are starting to get away from this. All the ones I’ve attended have had a rather high emphasis on the congregation getting involved with ministries, or just doing what they can in their daily lives to express Christ.

  3. Lady Tam Li – I am glad you agree with me, but I do like when people see different view points… it helps me (and hopefully others) grow 🙂

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