A Recovering Drug Addict

Jeremy, thanks for the post, I enjoyed the topic. 

Read Jeremy’s blog post Till He Comes  about studying your Bible less.

Here is the comment I posted. 

The gathering of knowledge is an addictive drug.

So this makes most church pastors like drug pushers.  If they push the “this is how to live” sermons, and then promote studying, reading, and learning all the flippin time, it keeps you coming back for more. They want a return customer. If you are away from it, you start to get the shakes.

This makes most seminarians knowledge drug addicts, and the drug they are eating, drinking, and snorting keeps them on that spiritual high, which makes the people in need suffer more. They will do all they can to get more of the drug, and do a lot less in actually helping others (there is no time).

I am glad I am off the knowledge drug. My eyes and heart are clearer now, not clouded up with Christianese jargon. I now enjoy the simplicity of studying less and loving more.  It was not an easy road, but it is a road I am glad I traveled.

What are your thoughts?

10 thoughts on “A Recovering Drug Addict

  1. This is a great point, and sums up a large portion of my Christian past. I see some pastor friends neck deep in theology and correct wording, but still making no real spiritual progress. I’m the same in a lot of ways and it boils down to a love of knowledge, but a weak relationship with God. knowledge is way easier to attain and allows us to indulge our pride by spouting off cocktail party facts and look cool. Getting close to God is hard, humbling work.

    I’m slowly changing over but it’s tough. Knowledge is a drug for sure.

  2. I think this is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

    Yes, it’s easy to get off-track and be so focused on know-how that you miss the point of what you’re learning, but I’m not sure that means one should stop learning altogether.

    Perhaps take a break to re-evaluate things, sure. But I don’t think that makes all bible study or reading inherently bad in and of itself.

    I think if one wants to understand what God wants, then studying the Bible is an excellent place to start. But you’re absolutely right that our hearts should be geared towards God, and finding out what He wants for our lives, rather than collecting knowledge like an old lady may collect porcelain dolls.

  3. I also don’t think all pastors want to keep us as “knowledge junkies”, and feel that’s a terribly unfair assumption about a rather large group of individuals.

    That would be like me saying “All men are jerks and only want one thing.” Y’know?

  4. Lady Tam Li – If you read Jeremy’s blog, he says to still study and read the bible, just not put it on a pedestal as the main focus. So I do not say to throw out studying all together.

    Also, I agree with you, I would not put all pastors in a box (that would be unfair). I say most pastors are knowledge pushers, not all.

  5. Lady Tam Li – Just to clarify a bit … I am not judging pastor’s hearts here. I am sure their motives are pure.. I just do not agree with the amount of knowledge they push on others.

    Knowledge gathering is easy, a relationship with God is tough. I think there is a great difference.

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