Redeem This!

Now that the BMX Grand Nationals are over I have time to read up on some of the blogs I subscribe to.  Well it did not take long to spur me on to write and vent about a topic.  The topic today at “Stuff Christians Like” made me start to sweat and break out in hives because I smelled the bullshit.  My allergies went full force.

It is about “redeeming culture”.  At the end he asked the question… How do we as Christians redeem culture?  My short answer is.. we don’t!

Whoever coined the phrase “redeeming culture” should be dropped kicked in the face, twice!

Now because of this “Christianese” phrase there are millions of evangelical Christians running around trying to “redeem” what they think is the right way to live and now have become the moral police of what art, entertainment, politics, education, and any other visible means of expression we should or should not include in our lives.  They come out and lay down the law and say Christians should not read this book, or watch that movie, or listen to that album.  Well I ask, Why?

I know something we need to redeem… the phrase itself!

We need to be free from what harms, and this phrase that has been pumped into the brains of many Christians, needs to go away because it is harmful.  Just stop it, it makes me sick, it is a bunch of BS.  Let us get real people.

Do not get me wrong, I do think we should be “engaged” in the culture we live in.  But the definition of “engage” should mean ” to participate in” not “fight with”.  Unfortunately, many times it becomes a fight among the same people that should be unified together in Christ.

We should be reaching out to individuals as we engage culture, not reaching culture itself, because each of us as individuals have our own doubts, questions, and struggles.  We need a sense of belonging in community with one another.  Let us ask someone if they need help, or ask if they need a shoulder to cry on, instead of judging them and saying to them what they are watching on TV is wrong.

4 thoughts on “Redeem This!

  1. A while back, a friend of mine and I were discussing what being a Christian meant in popular culture. She said that one relevant, practical thing Christians could do was start recognizing Christ in places where the creators of popular culture didn’t necessarily mean for Him to be. At the time, I was confident that this was somehow unfair to artists and the creators of pop culture. But as time has gone on, and I have become slightly more postmodern in my critical thinking, I don’t think that’s such a bad idea.

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