I Would Rather Be Alone

On a spectrum of two extremes with introvert on one end and extrovert on the other, I lean pretty far to the introverted side.  I am a thinker, a reader, someone that likes to be left alone more often than not.  It is not that I dislike people in general, I love others and I see them in the image of God.  However, most of the time I do dislike being around people in social situations.  I am not a social butterfly.  I cannot stand large social functions standing around chit-chatting about God knows what.  So from what I know about heaven.. it does not seem like an introvert would fit in very well…

I really struggle with being the way I am.  Not that it is wrong, it is just a challenge in this extrovert world we live in.  By my wanting to be alone a lot more than I want to be out in social situations makes me feel like I cannot fit into the “Christian” mold.

Here are a few questions I ponder all the time.

1. What does it mean for someone like me, an introvert who cannot envision thinking and acting any other way, to be a Christian?

2. What does it mean for a person that leans toward the introvert side of the spectrum to be part of the Body?

3. How can one be an instrument of the love of God if one has difficulty being around, or even wanting to be around, the majority of people?

4. How can an introvert please and glorify God?

5. In an ideal society that brims with harmony, somewhere like heaven, what place should an introvert have?

I have some opinions on these questions, but I confess I have no clue.  I have come to the conclusion that introversion is not evil. It is a personal tendency, not a sin.

I see the introverted Christian, like myself,  as having distinct difficulties in practicing two vital parts of being a “love one another” person as Christ commands.

First is feeling or expressing love.  Second is the mutual support and encouragement that we are to show to each other in the Body (and outside the Body).

I do feel followers of Christ, introverted or not, should strive to do what they can in those areas I just wrote about.  We should seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in all situations.

I know there is only a limited amount of good we can do without interacting with others in various ways.  But boy does it mess with my head when I want to stay home and just read a book.

Anyone else struggle with any of this?

2 thoughts on “I Would Rather Be Alone

  1. Maybe we all have intro and extro in us. I know that I like to “vacation” as an extro but I “live” as an intro. Personally, I value the interaction, but when I need to recharge my battery it’s gotta be down time spent alone or with one other person.

    My wife…she recharges via a room full of chatty folks. Noisy, needy, and socially entangled…that’s how she does it. So I get how the other half lives and I can see advantages to being fully extro. However, I will always prefer the balance between the two.

    At risk of sounding all Sammy Davis, Jr. (http://goo.gl/bChNJ), I Gotta Be Me. cheesy…….

    The questions you’re asking sound like an attempt to match a preexisting template of sorts. Screw that!

  2. Bonar – Thanks for stopping by and checking out my ramblings.

    Sounds like we are both in similar marriages. I too enjoy the interaction, but I do need my down time too. You hit the nail on the head about the pre-existing template. I think I am finally free of that bondage that was shoved into my head growing up. I too say screw that.

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