Irked Before I Even Got Started

I downloaded “Not a Fan” to my kindle the other day.  This is a new book written by one of the pastors from the church I used to attend for many years.  I went into it with an open mind, I really did.  However, before I even got past the introduction, and on to chapter one, I was already ticked off.

By reading this book, all it did was reassure me why I left the institutional church in the first place. 

Let me explain.  I have nothing against the author as a person.  I know he has a heart for Christ, and the concept of the book makes sense – Christ wants people committed to Him, not a fair-weather fan.

There are a few things that I have found so far to be extremely judging, and hypocritical.  I am not completely done reading it yet, but I will comment on what I have read to this point (which is about 3/4 of it)

So what irked me right away?  It was his use of the word “Creasters”.  In the introduction he says he calls the people that only attend church on Christmas and Easter “Creasters”.  Now why would you do that?  That is putting an “us” versus “them” judgment on every one of “those” people.  Since you do not attend church every flippin week you become a stereotype.  How frustrating is that … lets make fun of them before they even get a chance.  “Those” people could actually be the followers the author speaks about in his book.

I do not even attend Christmas or Easter services anymore (not that it is wrong to, I just have not the last couple of years).  I wonder what he calls me behind my back?  A heretic, an outsider (maybe I do not want to know).  I know it does not matter what the author thinks of me anyway, but comments like that keep a lot of people from even trying to start a relationship with others and with Christ.

Then I read on (trying to keep an open mind, of course).  Then another thing hits me.  If the author says he is a follower and not a fan, why does he have to mention in the book that he is the pastor of the 5th largest church in America.  I would think someone who is a follower would not make a statement like that, but that is just me.  (Of course I feel there should not even be paid pastors at all, but again that is just me)

There are other hypocritical statements within, but I might comment on those another time, but unlikely.  If you want, read the book for yourself and see if you read the hypocrisy.  Maybe I am reading into it too much.

I will conclude with this…  a lot of the book talks about legalism and not following rules, but as I read through the book the whole thing screams.. here are the rules and the ways you need to act to be a follower of Christ (otherwise you are just a fan)… and a fan of this book I am not.

2 thoughts on “Irked Before I Even Got Started

  1. I have no interest in this material based on your comments, and would have been irked too.

    a digression…
    With advances in technology, some believers now give away their “content” free (like blogs) – teachings, books in pdf, videos. Some do not “charge” for appearances as well. I applaud these humble moves, boldly going against the system, and trusting in the Lord. Interesting indeed, and not because we get it for free.

    Stepping back on the issue…should we really charge people for worship, teachings, meetings, etc.? really? or, should we give it away so the whole world can have it? hmmmm…

    further digression…
    I was nauseated by all the related “merchandise” of this work…stickers, mugs, wristbands, tshirts… Sadly this cool “stuff” just creates another elevated inclusive clique (rooted in pride), an “us” (cool people in the know wearing it) & them (those who don’t know what it is about) mentatlity.

    not trying to judge or be divisive, because, I have partaken in all the above in the past… 🙂

  2. Todd – You hit on a bunch of other “irks” I was considering bringing up, but now I do not need too 🙂

    Those are valid points… especially charging people for worship and teachings… really?

    The irked side of me says I should attend Christmas and Easter services this next year so I can wear the new T-shirt I am creating that will say “I am a Creaster” 🙂

    but I digress…

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