An Unseen Disease

A comment from Lady Tam Li on my previous post got me thinking when she used the word lethargic.  As I noodled on what she was saying I started thinking about how messed up our Western church system really is today, and has been for many centuries.

I understand we are our own individual created in the image of God.  We are all different, with different strengths, a world of diversity.  We are each a “brick” to build a wall of Christ.  One brick sitting on the ground (or in a pew) does nothing, but when the “mortar” of Christ is used as the magnet to hold everything together, He bounds each “brick” together, it builds the Church God intended.  Not a “brick and mortar” building a lot of people lose themselves in, but an unseen building called Christ.

Our Western culture spews a disease called individualism.  Yes, I said it, being an individual in the Body and not recognizing the whole community is not the right frame of mind to be in.  It is an unseen virus that is slowly erasing the community God intended.  Like the Hebrew author wrote, believers of Christ are to strengthen each other and remind each other that we are all One together.  Unfortunately, the emphasis being spewed from many churches of various denominations is the experience of the individual believer relegating community participation to a secondary priority.

As you know from my previous post that I think the pastor role, as the Western church defines it, is a bunch of BS, and should be stomped out of existence.  I do not think being a “pastor” to one another should go away, just the pulpit and the entertainment.  Why is every church out there associated with who the flipping pastor is, who cares?  From my experience, the phenomenon of the evangelical “mega”church satisfies both our sense of duty to attend a worship service corporately, and an insistence to remain anonymous (or as Lady Tam Li puts it.. lethargic!).

What’s actually taught but never really said is… as long as I do my duty and attend corporately, and mark off my checklist or prayer and studies, piss on everyone else.

Wow! We all need help!

6 thoughts on “An Unseen Disease

  1. I think it’s just part of the human condition. Christ *did* warn us that “..small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” in Matthew 7:14.

    I understand your frustration. I do. However, I don’t think it’s anything new. I think it’s as old as humanity, to be honest.

    Living a life for Christ is never easy. It involves massive amounts of forgiveness for others, which by itself can seem an insurmountable task.

    One thing that helped me enjoy service again was learning to forgive humanity for being human. Christ forgives me every day for all the weird and dumb things I do. Who am I to hold a grudge against someone else’s humanity?

    And that’s really the entire problem with church: It’s made of people. Ironically, Christ called us to love and forgive these people “70 times 7”.

    I’m not sure where you are or what kind of church you attend (if any at all), but I explored the idea of starting an Emergent church before because I thought institutionalism was the problem. I realized that wasn’t it. I had to come to terms with the fact that I just wasn’t happy that everything wasn’t to my liking. How DARE things not be to my liking! I had to forgive 2,000 years of church history for not being to my liking, and realize that Christ doesn’t care if it’s in a real building or not…but He DOES care a GREAT deal about how I personally live my life, and treat others.

    Realizing that…it changes everything. 🙂

  2. Lady Tam Li – Thanks for the comments. I like when people let me know what they are thinking so we can all learn together.

    I am not putting any individual down, and would never judge the motives of the heart, only God can do that.

    I was trying to point out a disease that I feel is spread across our Western world from the pulpit. Most sermons I have ever heard from different “churches” are typically a checklist of how each of us as individuals should be a better Christian. The focus is on a “personal” relationship with Christ. That is the unbiblical part that hinders the sense of community and puts it on the back burner. I just think we should have a “community” relationship with Christ, not individually.

    The New Testament was written to the “church”, not to an individual. Just wish the teaching that goes on would be more “we” focused and not “me” focused.

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