Now That’s Dope!

I was chatting with my sister online, and I asked her what I should blog about today.  She said that she just got done reading an article in the local paper about marijuana and the legalization of it… write about that.  So I noodled on it a bit and here is what I came up with.

Here is my two cents, and is probably going to be a shock to a lot of my readers.  I do think we should support the repeal of all laws that criminalize the use, possession or cultivation of marijuana (and really any drug), because the enforcement of those laws, and results of other negative aspects, cause more harm than the drugs themselves.  I do not think the government should legislate morality or health decisions.

But first, let me write a disclaimer.  I, personally, do not use or take any illegal drugs whatsoever, and never have in my entire life.  I do not advocate the use of any illegal drugs at all ever.  And, if any current illegal drug was to be made legal, I still would not put any into my body (and I would advise others to abstain also).  So, the short story is, I do not and will not use illegal or newly made legal drugs, now or ever in the future.

Whether the drug itself is legal or not is not the determining factor if someone is going to smoke it or not.  Just think about it a second.  If you do not currently use marijuana, is it because it is illegal?  I do not think so, I feel the reason a person does not smoke pot is because they made either a moral, or health reason to steer away from using it.  So I do not think marijuana’s legality plays any role in the decision making process.

I do not think someone should go to jail for ingesting something in their body.  It might not be a smart decision, but should it be punishable by law?  If I eat a pile of horse shit and it makes me hallucinate, should they put me in jail?  No way.

By having marijuana illegal, what is worse than smoking dope itself?  Children being killed in the crossfire of drug wars and innocent people being murdered to keep them quiet about drug trafficking in inner-city neighborhoods. If prohibition on alcohol taught us anything, it is that making the personal consumption of certain substances illegal instantly creates a black market.  Do not get me wrong.  Drugs are addictive… that is a fact.  Putting someone in prison does not make them any less addicted to heroine or marijuana. In fact, it complicates their recovery from that addiction. (Somehow, and I have no clue how, but they can get the drugs in prison anyway)
Well I could go on and on about this subject and I am already at 450 words, so I am going to conclude.

We need to face the facts.  Legalizing marijuana is inevitable.  It is gonna happen.  And, when it happens, tax the shit out of it.  I really do not think you would see tons of already non-pot smokers going to the pot store to buy some weed for the first time when it is finally legalized.  I could be wrong, but I really do not think that is the way things work.  I have chosen not to smoke it, but if I changed my mind, I do not think a goofy law would stop me from wanting it (as you can tell with 1.8 million people in jail last year for using).

As a follower of Christ, I would want people to refrain from behavior that could harm themselves. I would want people to make smart decisions and refrain from using any drugs, because deep down I think they are harmful.

But, people need to make their own decisions.  What are your thoughts?

11 thoughts on “Now That’s Dope!

  1. Regarding your comment: I do not think the government should legislate morality or health decisions.

    If government is not to legislate morality why should there be a law against murder, theft, rape? Are not those moral issues? Thou shall not commit murder. Thou shall not steal? Are the 10 commandments not moral issues?

    The Lord established governments to protect the general public, see Romans 13. They bear the “sword,” the responsibility for the government to protect the people.

    I am new to this site and found some very helpful comments. Hope this does not sound too antagonistic. God bless!

  2. “The world is too dangerous to live in not because of the people who do evil but because of the people who sit and let it happen.” – ALBERT EINSTEIN

  3. Anna – Thanks for reading and sharing. I am glad you took the time to read my stuff.

    I feel that when you speak of the issues like murder, rape, and stealing you are talking about crimes against another person. The goals of these actions are to cause harm to another person. Whereas someone who decides to smoke marijuana would only be harming themselves with the decision they make. That is the difference I see. There are laws to protect other people from murderers, or rapists. I just do not think there should be laws to make a decision for a person. Those decisions should be between them and God. We as Christ can set a good example, but we should not shove laws in peoples faces to try and change them.. that does not work.

    Aussiejohn – You always have some great comments, but I am a bit confused by this one. The quote you posted says “people who do evil”. So, a person who smokes a doobie is evil? or has a glass of bourbon is evil? Can you help explain what you meant by quoting with Mr. Einstein.

  4. Hey there, Swanny! Just discovered your blog here and would merely comment that marajuana is a rather interesting drug of choice. I would agree those bent on getting it for “non medicinal” purposes, won’t care whether or not it is legal. For those with medical needs (and there are many cancer sufferers for whom this brings pain relief and it is for those folks that I would like to see legalized access so that they are getting good quality product. Docs can’t prescribe in some states and it shouldn’t be against the law to have access to pain relief. Regarding other illegal drugs, perhaps the gov’t shouldn’t regulate what you put in your body (even though it could be lethal or fry one’s brain), the multitudinous occurrances of innocent victims of gang violence, theft etc. occurs largely over drugs. Then there’s the risky behavior of those “high” on them which affects others, not just themselves. Hard issues…many extenuating circumstances…not easy answers.

  5. pat – Thanks for reading my blog and taking time to comment. I agree, definitely no easy answers.
    I am having fun discussing stuff that many people think about but are sometimes afraid to say out loud.

  6. The current drugs of choice already are legalized and taxed: Alcohol and prescription pain killers. Legalization hasn’t reduced crime, addiction or law enforcement expenditures, because once government is the financial beneficiary (via taxes) instead of “drug lords”, i.e., they substitute themselves as the drug lords, there begins the black market. We have a whole unconstitutional federal agency dedicated to enforcement of “legal” substances and firearms (BATF). I don’t see any benefit to the general public in either arena, legal or not.

    I think consuming substances (illegal or not) that reduce inhibitions, induce hallucinations, etc. are spiritually dangerous. Just look at what SSRIs have done for our country.

  7. Eric – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You bring up a plethora of talking points. It boils down to what pat said in an earlier coment.. there are no easy answers.

  8. Swanny,

    Sorry about the multiple fronts there…I agree there isn’t an easy answer, but I just can’t find much profitable about the illegal drugs – or a lot of the legal ones that are abused. Additionally, our secular governments are quite good at calling biblically (or constitutionally) wrong things “legal” (see abortion for example). We have enforcers of the law picking and choosing what to enforce – as it benefits them financially:

    There is more profit for the “sword” in this case to keep the illegal status. Hard to beat that 100% tax rate. Notice they only patrol one side of the interstate. They can profile the same vehicles when they travel the opposite direction full of drugs – if getting illegal drugs off the street was the intent. Notice they don’t incarcerate anyone or seize the vehicles – gotta keep that money comin’ and the expenses to a minimum.

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