Why Does This Bug The Snot Out Of Me?

I try to steer clear of politics in general, but the last couple weeks with the news talking about Rick Perry coming to the forefront for his party actually scares the daylights out of me. 

I personally think politics is a bunch of crap, and when Christians use it in the way they do today it is even a bigger pile.  I really dislike associating myself with this type of group, a group I think sends a hindering message for the Body of Christ.  I know their motives are in the right place (or they would likely not be doing what they are), and I can never judge someones motives, but the system they strive to use, in my watery eyes, is effecting my allergies.

Let me try to explain myself. 

In many Christian circles I used to be a part of, when I was attending an institutional church, optimism was typically built on the idea that God’s main purpose is to bless us with the kind of life we all want or to transform culture into a friendlier environment for Christians (our pursuit of happiness).  I heard from many leaders and friends that our prayers, activism, and influence will turn our nation around and give us a more Godly society.  (I say we can not legislate morality.. so stop trying) 

I personally think they (those groups) were distracted from what God is really calling us all to do together as His Bride.  It is our communities that must be turned around, not a political party.  We must learn to continue serving Christ together as His Church when problems come and to draw closer to Christ in the middle of our suffering and our problems.

Whatever influence we have on culture must be the product of a deep passion for God, a passion that makes us into attractively different people and keeps us struggling together in community that is imperfectly but genuinely loving.  I do not think it should be by using a battle cry that says things should be done a certain way.

Our needs will not be met by leaders (like Perry) calling us to join the fight against moral pollution, in our society. 

I think we need to build up our communities with people who actually give a shit about outsiders, and draw those that are outside into something they have never known or experienced, but deep down has always wanted.  Communities of people whose passion is for the Body of Christ, and to actually love one another more than their grudges, or their jealously.

I have found many Christians being somewhat deceived into thinking that a national regeneration will come if we simply get more people registered to vote, elect the right candidate into the office of president or into other roles to pass legislation in line with our so-called “Judeo-Christian heritage.”

Politics inherently involves coercion.  The gospel is spread only by our influence and our witness.  All too often, however, I see the institutional church using political coercion to enable itself.  I do not like having the term Evangelical Christian being used as a political tool.  We are called to be “holy” or separated from the world. 

So why do they keep acting as such? 

Help me understand.  Am I nuts… what are your thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Why Does This Bug The Snot Out Of Me?

  1. You are right on target. Politics involves coercion (no matter which party we are talking about), and religion has adopted the same tactics to get people to “come to church” (which is not that lofty of a goal in the first place…)

    Do you think more churches are tools of the political left or the political right?

  2. Jeremy – Thanks for taking time to comment. It has been pretty quiet on comments lately and I miss discussing “stuff”. 🙂

    I think I understand what you are asking.

    To answer your question, I think a person would have to examine each denomination individually, but I feel from my knowledge, my guess is whatever color the pulpit is (either red or blue), the laity would likely be over 70% the same color. I think most people go to a certain church because the pulpit says exactly the things they want to hear. They go to get a respite from conflict.

    If I missed your question let me know.

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