Christ is the Spectrum!

Reading around the blogosphere today I have seen a ton of debates (and arguments) on many different topics. 

A lot of people put themselves either on the extreme side of a spectrum or the other.

Here are some examples of the spectrums I have read today:

Arminianism ………………………….Calvinism

Complementarians ………………….Egalitarians

Cessationists ………………………..Continuationists

Those are just the ones I read today.. I am sure there are many others.

A person asks Christ up in heaven which was correct, Arminianism or Calvinism?

Jesus says, “Ok, I will tell you”

Jesus tells the group “All the Arminians gather up over on this side of the room and all the Calvinists on this side”

The hum from the chatter permeates the room wondering who was correct in their thinking….

Jesus spreads His arms out really wide and says “You are correct”

We need to all unite together as His Bride, because Jesus IS the spectrum!

2 thoughts on “Christ is the Spectrum!

  1. I tend to not even get in these discussions anymore. Just two much at stake. I would just rather know how Christ is living through a person, or affecting a person. I am not much worried about their views and opinions on what you listed.

    Now you talk about a reactions when I say: “I understand you position, tell me how that brought you to a better understanding of Christ” No there I get some really blank stares… And people will act put off that I don’t want to discuss Pre- , Post millennial….

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