“Christian” an Adjective?

Let me say first thing… the word “Christian” was never intended to be used as an adjective… so, STOP using it that way! 

For the life of me I cannot understand why many people continue to use the word “Christian” in the form of an adjective.

We have “Christian” bookstores, we have “Christian” music, and we have “Christian” businesses.

One of the biggest piles of BS that floats around is the “Christian” business directory.  I just saw our latest and greatest for the Louisville area.  I guess you can advertise in it if you are a “Christian” business owner.  What does that mean?  Should we only do business with so-called “Christian” businesses?  Wow, if that is not divisive, I do not know what is.

It is basically forming an us versus them mentality.  The way this could be seen is that if a Jew owns a business, you would not want to buy anything from them because they could rob you blind, or if an atheist makes great doughnuts you could go to hell for eating a cream-filled.  Gimme a break.

One example in the directory is a “Christian” home repair company with a big cross as their symbol.  So, their company logo is a form of execution?  That is scary 🙂 .  Does this mean they only repair the homes of Christ followers, or that the houses themselves have made a faith decision for Christ?

When it is all said and done, a Christian who runs a home repair business is not more qualified because of his faith, but in his experience, and training.  I would hope they would have good business ethics, but it definitely does not mean they are supernatural to drive nails straighter, or get painting done in less time.

Hope you are enjoying my “Christian” blog.

8 thoughts on ““Christian” an Adjective?

  1. Swanny,

    all by-products of our consumerism mentality. It all fits in the same box with worship servishows, celebtrity pastors and short-term “mission” vacations. That box is labeled “refuse” and headed to the garbage heap where it belongs. Still, many will cry when it all comes crumbling down.

    1. Joel – eerily similar huh? That is scary. 🙂


      I will check your blog out today.. So you are in the Georgia mountains?? Any good offroading trails? it is one of my goofy hobbies.

  2. Ehm…? I won’t go into the necessary distinction between Christianity and the culture. We should be working to influence them, but still separate and holy. Hence the purpose of Christian music (a perfectly valid adjective, meaning ‘Christ-like’. Christ-like music is definitely not a bad thing. Music worshiping God is far better than music worshiping drugs, money, cars, girls, or other things in the world)

    As far as Christian businesses are concerned? The point is NOT that said Christian business is any more qualified than some other business. It is that Christians would prefer to support other Christians than to continue supporting the secular world wherever possible. That’s not such a bad thing. I’d rather be donating to the building of a church than a mosque, so why not support a fellow Christian who could use the work instead of hiring Joe Schmoe in the yellow pages?

  3. Tim – We will have to agree to disagree on this one. The use of the adjective seems divisive to me and puts an “us” versus “them” spin on it.

    Is it not the Joe Schmoes in the yellow pages we are to reach out to?

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