Flags Are Everywhere!

Some things just jerk my chain sometimes.

Disclaimer: Please do not get me wrong, I am not writing to put anyone down.  It is not about the people (I am not judging motives).  I am writing to try and understand what goes on in the system of the local church buildings sometimes.

I live in a small community (sub-division) outside Louisville, KY.  When I was driving back from off-roading with the family (which was a complete blast by the way), we came across a local church that surrounded its building with about 100 American flags.  I am not talking little tiny flags.  I am talking 6 foot high poles with normal size flags attached to them.

I am lazy today, so I am not going out to take a picture.  Just close your eyes and imagine what it looks like yourself.

So the first question that hit my mind was… What do all of these flags have to do with Jesus?  Wait… I actually thought of the cost involved to buy all those flags and poles, but that is another topic for another time.

If you have a great answer to the question in bold, I would love to hear your comments.

After a bit of noodling about it, here is what I come up with (my 2 cents, and of course not the right answer)

The problem I see with politics and/or patriotism, whether a person is a liberal, a conservative, or someone along the spectrum somewhere (and who happens to be a follower of Christ), is that many “church goers” confuse what the “Church” is to be with what the “state” should be.  The Kingdom is NOT of this world, and the sooner Christ’s followers realize this, the less angry Christians will be when the political or patriotic world moves in directions opposite of the principles of Scripture.

I look for a Savior in Christ, not the political or patriotic systems of our nation.  A “Christian” nation, now that is a bunch of BS.

4 thoughts on “Flags Are Everywhere!

  1. OK I exaggerated… as I went by today and roughly counted there was about 45 flags. It looked like a 100 when I drove by the first time.

    I guess I get double vision when something shocks my system 🙂

  2. I’ve often noticed that the Pledge of Allegiance of the USA, gives the flag the most prominent place. God comes in along the line. You’ve got to mention Him otherwise you will miss out on…..something.

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