What’s that Smell?

I am starting to break out in hives.. my allergic reaction to bullshit is kicking in.

There is an op/ed piece in the Wall Street Journal written by Albert Mohler about homosexuality.  Here is the link so you can read it.


Man, the religious elite just do not understand the book in which they read and preach.  Basically, this article is saying that we as followers of Christ need to go out and change the behavior of everybody that does not fit our certain ideals.  Man does that piss me off. 

You read it, is that what you get out of it?

Here is my comment to this article (for what is worth, which is not much) …

As followers of Christ (His Church), we should stop looking at homosexuality as an “us versus them” mentality. If we do something “to” them or “for” them it makes us look better than them and we are here to help them be like us. Like us? Thats is a joke.. we are all sinners.

Instead why do we not have a “with them” mentality. Isn’t it about the “one anothers”.  Love and encourage one other.  Be “with” them in their lives and stop being so judgmental of their lifestyle. Show them who Christ is by being His Hands and His Feet and together we all will show God to the world.

Do not get me wrong.  I personally believe a gay lifestyle is sinful.

However, Our goal as Christ-followers (His Church) is not to try to jam everyone into whatever our behavioral ideals might be, but to lovingly help people reconnect with God.  That is what I mean by being “with” them.  

I think this to be true in all types of relationships, but we must be deliberate in building a strong bond with the gay community as it has been so misunderstood by the conservative religious elite community (the system with in the “houses of worship”).

If we simply focus on loving gay people with the goal of helping each other nurture healthy relationships with God (being with them in community with Christ as the head…that is what we all want, right?), we can relax and trust that God will lead each of us as His Church down whatever path is right for Him.

I cannot remember who said this, but it was along the lines of “The Holy Spirit’s job is to convict, It is God’s job to judge, and our job as follower of Him to love.”

So I guess we love “with” each other, because it is not our job to change them. 

This subject is definitely a toughie!!!!

16 thoughts on “What’s that Smell?

  1. My mindset about sin and how we accept people changed when I was praying outside the abortion cliniic. I found my self praying for the DR, not that he wouldn’t perform the abortion but that Christ would affect his heart.

    We often forget that God sees all as worthy of his grace. We muck it up when we don’t see orthers in the same way.

    An individual’s sin is between them and God. Our command from Christ is as you say “the one anothers”. We are to love them and build relationships with them regaurdless of their sin.

    Hopeq that makes since. Peace bro.

  2. ckroboth – I hear what you are saying. Building relationships takes a lot of time and effort.

    The next (and really hard) step would be to invite the Dr’s family over for dinner.

    Peace Bro

  3. Awesome post.

    I just had a guy in my office grilling me about what he could and could not do as a follower of Jesus. I don’t know how many times I told him, “I am not the one to tell you what your lifestyle should be. I let God do that.”

    He asked me about adultery, drugs, murder, tattoos, piercings, stealing, etc.. Certainly, I believe that some of these things are wrong (I’ll let you decide which), but I’m not going to tell him that following Jesus is about a list of behaviors he has to fix.

    Great post!

  4. I too had problems with Mohler’s piece.

    From my perspective, there is only “us” and no “them”. We’re all in this together.

    When you get to know more LGBT’s you may discover that many will say there is no such thing as “a” or “the” gay lifestyle. Have you ever heard anyone say “I live a straight lifestyle”? LGBT people are all over the map, with many, many “lifestyles”.

    The quote is pretty close to what Billy Graham said.

    You’re headed in a good direction!

    1. Aussiejohn – Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the post! A good read!

      Sam – That is who said it… Billy Graham. I remember hearing it somewhere. I read the Mohler piece again, and I can see where you say only “us” and no “them – makes it a bit divisive dont you think?

  5. Swanny,

    I came across your blog through Alan Knox’s link to you. Please allow me to give a dissenting opinion on Mohler’s piece. First, I’ve made similar comments on the us vs. them mentality, so I definitely appreciate your points there. However, I didn’t think Mohler’s article was making that point. In fact, I think he is making the exact opposite point you have given. He is arguing, more or less, that evangelical Christians, for the most part, haven’t responded to the issue of homosexuality “face-to-face”, meaning by actually engaging a person who identifies themself as a homosexual. As I read the article, he is actually decrying the evangelical propensity to tackle any issue politically-first, or politically-only. Overall, I found Mohler’s article to be a breath of fresh air. People practicing homosexuals are individuals created in God’s image, yet who are fallen (just like the rest of us), and need to be addressed with the dignity that necessarily entails.

    Anywho, those are my contrary opinions. Thank you for allowing me to give them!

    a friend and relative of gay people,


  6. Swanny,

    You said:

    If we simply focus on loving gay people with the goal of helping each other nurture healthy relationships with God (being with them in community with Christ as the head…that is what we all want, right?), we can relax and trust that God will lead each of us as His Church down whatever path is right for Him.

    Can you clarify something for me? How can an unrepentant sinner (homosexuality, murder, adultery…..the sin does not matter) be loved into a healthy relationship with God? Eventually they will have to be told that they are in open sin and shown God’s standard (perfection) for having a relationship with him. This is the same for every lost person. I agree that there should not be an us vs. them mentality among Christians because we (regenerate believers) were once them (unrepentant sinners). I agree that we should seek to meet their needs and should befriend them. It almost sounds from the last part of the above quote that you are saying that God may lead some sinners down a different “path” to salvation. I don’t think that is what you mean but your quote could be read that way.

  7. wlh – thanks for stopping by – I am happy you took time to read my post. I too enjoyed your write-up on us vs them.

    As for the article. I can see where you can read it that way. What gets me to think the other way is that I have a slight problem with the “face to face” approach. If Mr Mohler means that we should still tell them they are sinners face to face but in a loving (nicer) way, then I am not real hip on that approach. It still brings it to an us versus them mentality (only nicer). To me that is judging another person, which is not my job. I say we just love them for who they are (an image of God) and if we show them Christ through us as a group, they will see the Allness of God and make their own decisions.

    If Mr. Mohler means what you read into it, then I misread it.


  8. Tom Shelton – good question, thanks for asking. The simple answer is to just love one another. I do not have time right now (too busy at work) to write a more in depth answer. Maybe if you answer something for me it might help. You said, eventually they will have to be told that they are in open sin. My question to you is… who is suppose to do the talking?

    As for the “path” question. I think there are many different paths that people (His Bride) together will take to show Christ to the world. There is not just one path we should all take, I think Christ accepts diversity and different paths are out there.

  9. Swanny,

    I would say it is the responsibility of every believer (pastor, friends, relatives, members of the congregation, members of the person’s sunday school class, etc.) to uphold God’s standards. By this if a believer knows that a person is living in sin (the specific sin does not matter) then they are obligated to point out the sin in a manner that will help facilitate the person’s repentance and return to God’s will. This is the most loving act a person can do for another but it is often very difficult to do because we don’t want to offend the other person.

    My path question was not relating to how a believer shows Christ to the world. It has to do with the path to Christ. In your article it almost seemed that you were saying that there are more than one path to Jesus. Again, i don’t think that was what you meant but I wanted to clarify the point for myself and anyone else who might read it that way.

  10. Tom – My thinking is that there are many different paths to Christ, but just one way to God, through Christ.

    Hope that clarifies.. probably clear as mud, right?

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